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Power outage in Antioch, California, USA. Fire Inspector Steve Aubert said the reporting party saw smoke coming from the top of a power pole...

Antioch power outage affected 2,500 PG&E customers this afternoon

A power outage in Antioch affected around 2,500 PG&E customers at its peak this afternoon and the utility is still investigating the cause, according to a PG&E spokeswoman.
A large-scale power outage was affecting thousands of people in Oceano and surrounding areas Monday night. 5 Cities, CA, USA. Preliminary information showed the outage was the result of a wire down.

Power outage affecting the Five Cities

A large-scale power outage was affecting thousands of people in Oceano and surrounding areas Monday night.
A backhoe was doing work near a power pole when it accidently knocked a tree onto the power lines. Power outage to 3.5k customers.

Electricity has been restored along Prospect Road after backhoe accident

Crews have restored power after a backhoe accidentally knocked a tree onto power lines this morning.
One parachuter missed landing zone - power cut to 3,000 B.C. Hydro customers. Canada.

Parachuter gets stuck in power lines in North Vancouver, causes power outage

A parachuter in North Vancouver missed the landing zone and had to be rescued after becoming stuck in power lines.
Officials want to know more about reasons of massive power outages on Jamaica.

OUR asks for urgent report on power outage - News

THE Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) yesterday asked the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) to provide information about the power outage which affected a wide cross section of its customers...
“We lost power (and heard) multiple sirens around the neighborhood. Sunday morning (there were) multiple lane closures, traffic being diverted, street lights not functioning all day and into the night.” - power cut because of intoxicated driver

Driver in Redondo Beach crash that caused day-long power outage faces felony charges

redondo beach>> Police filed felony charges against a Las Vegas man they say was intoxicated when he crashed into a Redondo Beach power pole, causing a nearly 24-hour electric outage over the weekend,...
JCPB spokesperson Tim Whaley said the outage was caused by a fault in the substation.

Power outage being investigated in Johnson City

Crews are working to turn the power back on.
Jamaica power outage was too serious

Widespread power outage 'unacceptable', says energy minister - News

KINGSTON, Jamaica – In the wake of power outages across the island over the weekend, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley has called on the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS)...
Transformer caused the three-hour power outage

UPDATE: Downtown business pauses during power outage

TRAVERSE CITY — Businesses in downtown Traverse City hit an involuntary pause just moments before the area's usual lunchtime bustle.
A massive power failure on Jamaica was caused by problems due to work being done on two major power lines in the three miles area of Kingston.

JPS identifies cause of widespread power outage

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has identified the cause of a massive black out which left thousands of Jamaicans across 11 parishes without power last night. Winsome Callum, director, corporate communications...