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One small squirrel caused huge power outage in San Diego. The blackout left 45,000 customers without electricity.

Squirrel Prompts Widespread Power Outage in Central SD

A squirrel left more than 45,000 customers across San Diego without power for several hours Tuesday, according to San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E).
Here is a video of a power cable which caused a power cut that left more than 5,000 homes in Drayton and Taverham without power.

Watch footage of burning power cable which left 5,000 homes in Drayton and Taverham without power

The homes were left without power at various points on Sunday, with an initial power cut in the morning, and an area wide blackout shortly before 1pm.
A crow flew into a transformer causing a small fire and a power outage that affected 12,000 in Corvallis. Power had been restored within 1 day.

Crow causes large power outage in Corvallis

The big Benton County power outage on Tuesday night was caused by a little bird, according to Pacific Power spokesman Tom Gauntt.
Baboon cause a massive blackout in Zambia. Power was cut to 50,000 people. Did you know that Baboon's palms are heavily insulated? Thanks to this the animal survived.

Zambia baboon causes power cut in Livingstone - BBC News

The animal survived a massive electric shock that would have killed a human, the power company says.
A helium balloon’s string got wrapped around power lines, causing power cut in Edmonton, Canada. About 4,000 customers were affected by the outage. They said it is rare, but actually balloons cause power outages quite often.

Helium balloon causes power outage in downtown Edmonton: ‘that’s very rare’

“Sometimes when you get things like that interfering with electrical equipment, you’re going to get a power outage,”
No power - no lunch. Power out in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby.

Weather causes lunchtime power outage in Ponsonby

People took to social media to inform others of the cut and mock the severity of the outage, which cut power to a number of restaurants on the popular Ponsonby Rd stretch during lunch.
UK Power Networks reporting power cuts caused by storms and lightning in many places.

Storms batter Kent cut as fire scare and power cuts appear across the county

Power cuts have already been reported amid fears of a fire breaking out in Gravesend as the Met Office warns of heavy downpours until 1pm. Gas and electric supplies were isolated from the house following the scare, but a spokesperson from KFRS confirmed no fire was found at the property when crews i...
They said it was a bird that caused power cut in Lampasas, Texas.

Bird causes massive power outage in Lampasas, city says

A city official said a bird flew into the substation, causing a power outage that impacted almost the entire area.
A transformer fire sparked a power failure in Campbell. This hapenned because of a bad cable.

Transformer Fire Causes Power Outage in Campbell

Firefighters were on scene at South Leigh Avenue and Dry Creek Road, putting out the flames. While crews doused the flames, PG&E was forced to cut power to 6,000 homes in the area.
63,000 homes and businesses in Lancaster, Carnforth and Morecambe were affected by a power cut. Lancaster town hall was closed. It was not yet known what caused Lancashire outage.

Lancashire power cut: Estimated 63,000 properties affected - BBC News

The outage resulted in travel problems, with many traffic lights not working, and caused disruption to schools, universities and businesses. Power supplies resumed at 16:30 BST in the remaining 10,000 properties after 53,000 had theirs restored earlier.