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Hydro outage affected 1,000 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. There is no information on a cause of the outage.

Power returned for 1,000 St. Vital homes

More than 1,000 people were without power in Winnipeg's St. Vital area on Sunday morning.
A power outage in Grand Rapids Sunday morning left police working to respond to hundreds of alarms. For some systems, the lack of power causes it to automatically send an alert there may be a problem.

Morning power outage affects thousands

Power outage Sunday morning affected several thousand people in the Grand Rapids area. As of 9 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 6, the outage affected more than 4,400 Consumers Energy customers.
A fire in an electricity link box had caused a power cut in Cowley.

UPDATE: Power restored to 200 homes in Cowley after electrical fire

Up to 200 homes in Cowley are without power this afternoon after an electrical fire caused a blackout.
Rail services between Berkshire and London have been disrupted by leaves, a power cut and a swan on the line.

'Awkward' swan on line causes delays on South West Trains - BBC News

Rail services between Berkshire and London are disrupted by leaves, a power cut and a swan on the line.
Another squirrel is a stirrer of a widespread power outages. No classes because a squirrel has caused the circuit and the transformer to blow out.

Squirrel Caused Power Outages at UConn

UConn spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said a squirrel got into a transformer on top of a power pole on North Eagleville Road and a spark that ran along the power line knocked out the nearest circuit, which serves dozens of buildings on various parts of campus.
Even in Japan power grid is vulnerable due to aging cables. Tokyo blackout to 0.5mln people a reminder of worse things to come according to Japan Today. That outage should be taken as a reminder that when power is cut, the functions of the city come to a dead halt. And should a major earthquake strike directly beneath Tokyo, the loss of power might unleash full-blown panic.

Oct 12 power blackout a reminder of worse things to come

The cause of the fire was determined to be due to aging cables. Some 70% of the cables that make up TEPCO’s grid are said to be 35 years or older and some date back to the 1960s. Typically checks are limited only to visual inspections, and non-specialists are unlikely to spot potential problems.
Power cut around large parts of Bristol - around 1,230 homes were left without electricity. A spokesman for the utility company said the issue was caused by a cable fault - very often reason of power cuts in the UK.

More than 1,000 homes across Bristol left without power

Around 1,230 homes in Bristol were left without electricity this evening. Supplier Western Power Distribution says homes with BS5 postcodes, which includes Easton, Lockleaze and Horfield, have been...
Power was out to 10,000 in the Las vegas valley due to an equipment failure on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Power restored after outage affects 10,000 customers

Power has been restored to the majority of people affected by the outage. NV Energy reports that 727 customers affected by the original outage are without power.
About 1,200 people in the center of Evanston, Illinois lost power for over an hour. The power outage hit shortly after 7:30 a.m. and was restored after 9 a.m. The cause was a fire on electrical transformers.

Power failure hits 1,200 homes, transformer catches fire

The area affected included homes west of Asbury Avenue and east of Florence Avenue, running from Emerson south to Davis Street as well as some additional areas north of Emerson. Fire crews were able to quickly extinguish the resulting fire, and it appeared there was little damage except to two trans...
Businesses and homes in Syracuse, New York were hit by a power outage on Sunday morning. A National Grid spokesperson says the outage was caused by squirrels that got into some power lines. Again squirrels!

Power outage impacts parts of Syracuse

Power has been restored to nearly all the 3,000 homes and businesses impacted by a power outage in parts of the city of Syracuse Sunday morning .