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Power outage in Yuma, Arizona was caused by kids picking up a downed pole. The kids stood the pole up where it made contact with a powerline triggering a short. Residents say they heard a boom and their power go out.

Power outage in Yuma leaves thousands in dark

YUMA, Ariz.- Twelve-Hundred households lost power Thursday night according to Arizona Power and Light as a substation breaker tripped. The outage affected a large area in the city of Yuma including re
An electrical issue in the basement caused smoke and fire alarms to go off and caused power failure in Tucson's, Arizona Banner-University Medical Center.

UPDATE: Banner-UMC power has been restored

A Tucson Fire Department spokesman said an electrical issue in the basement caused smoke and fire alarms to go off.
Power outage to 17,000 customers in Lebanon, Sweet Home, parts of Crabtree, Albany, Waterloo, Foster and Brownsville was caused by an insulator failure on a transmission line going into Lebanon.

Power outage affects 17,000

More than 17,000 Pacific Power customers in Lebanon, Sweet Home and surrounding areas, including parts of Crabtree, Albany, Waterloo, Foster and Brownsville, were without power for part of Thursday…
Perrine explained a squirrel managed to get into the substation and into the switchgear, causing it to flashover and blow a main fuse in the substation. After all was said and done, two switches in the sub required replacement.

Critter causes ‘rather expensive’ power outage for Mille Lacs Energy

Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative (MLEC) members served by the Spirit Lake Substation experienced power outages the day after the Fourth of July holiday.
Continuous power outages in Springfield. First outages because of storms, new outages caused by a piece of underground equipment failed.

CWLP deals with several power outages

City Water, Light and Power crews worked Wednesday and Thursday to fix several widespread power outages brought on by thunderstorms and faulty equipment.
A power failure at a data center that brought down Comcast Business phone service for nearly 1 mln customers has been fixed, according to the telecom company. In the Denver area, complaints hit more than 300 an hour.

Comcast says business phone outage fixed after data center power outage

Some 950,000 Comcast Business customers lost their phone service but issues have been fixed.
Massive power outage affected 13,000 customers in Virginia Beach. The cause is not the weather, but a breaker that failed. The first outage started in the Lynnhaven and Green Run areas. Power was eventually restored to everyone within about an hour and a half. In Williamsburg, more than 4,000 customers were initially without power. About 8,500 customers affected in the Chimney Hill and Mount Trashmore areas.

Virginia Beach experiences major power outages twice Wednesday

Dominion Virginia Power said an equipment failure caused the Virginia Beach outage.
Storms passed through Florida knocking down trees, blocking intersections, and caused power outages. Residents in Mount Dora are cleaning up after the storm.

Storm knocks down trees, causes power outage in Mount Dora

MOUNT DORA — Residents are cleaning up after a fast-moving storm Wednesday knocked down trees, blocking several intersections, and caused isolated power outages.
Two circuits in Davison, Michigan that were locked out causing the large outage. The lock out was likely caused by the weather. Power outage leaves more than 3,800 in the dark.

Davison-area power outage leaves more than 3,800 in the dark

As storms moved through Genesee County Wednesday night thousands of people were left with no power with the Davison-area seeing the most outages.
NYC subway experienced power outage. A back-up control center and local towers were activated to keep track of trains, requiring them to run at slower speeds.

Subway power outage, signal problems caused extensive delays

Extensive delays rippled through the subway system when an electrical problem at the MTA’s main rail control center caused a power outage.