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One small creature like squirrel can cause a power outage to thousands customers and so many problems and loss to businesses.

Manistee County Consumers Energy Customers React to Power Outage

The sounds of generators hummed for hours in parts of Northern Michigan after a squirrel caused a big power outage.
A tree falls, power fails. Power outage in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Downed tree caused power outage in the Glenwood Ave., Umstead Park area

Duke Energy says the outage is affecting about 3,600 customers.
Power cut in #Derby was caused by a circuit trip when an 11K Volts cable failed. Amazingly fast it was restored to half of the affected customers.

Thousands of Derby homes left without power

ALMOST 2,000 homes in Derby have been affected by a power cut this evening, according to Western Power Distribution. The electricity operator said a fault in a cable had disrupted power to...
Power outage in Indio, California, USA to 2,000 people. It was 114F (45C) on that day.

Indio outage affects more than 2,000 people

A power outage in Indio Wednesday night is affecting more than 2,000 customers, according to the Imperial Irrigation District's Facebook page.
Power cut in Milton Keynes village, UK was caused by lightning strike. More than 6 hours without power.

Substation struck by lightning causing power cut in Milton Keynes village

More than 100 properties have been out of power for six hours and counting. Western Power Distribution are currently looking into the problem which is affecting 139 properties in Haversham village....
Power cut in Bracknell - engineers are are "trying to understand where the fault is, but they are also trying to reroute the electricity from one part of the network to another in order to restore power as soon as possible".

Bracknell power cut traps three people in two lifts

Firefighters were called to release one man stuck in a lift due to a power cut in Bracknell town centre and a woman and child in another
Power failure in North Shore, Pittsburgh caused by a cable failure.

Cable failure causes North Shore power outage

A power outage caused by a cable failure this afternoon caused mostly headaches and lost profits for businesses on the North Shore. The outage occurred around 2 p.m. and lasted for nearly an hour. According...
Power outage in Templeton on the hottest day. It was 100-degree F (38C).

Power outage reported Tuesday in Templeton - Paso Robles Daily News

–A power outage Tuesday afternoon in Templeton left close to 3,000 customers without power for over two hours. The outage occurred at 4.30 p.m. mostly on the westside of town, with Twin Cities Community...
Leave or remain? You should decide it with a torchlight. Power cut to Cambridgeshire voters.

Power cut forces Cambridgeshire voters to fill out EU form by torchlight

Cambridgeshire voters have been forced to fill out their EU referendum form by torchlight, following a power cut. According to one voter, the absence of light at Hardwick Sports and Social Club...
More than 30,000 people affected by power outages in Indiana Michigan, a lot of storms and fallen trees.

Huge Power Outages, Indiana

Indiana Michigan Power released an updated list of estimated power restoration times.