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Please note that this is a 2016 article with customers feedback on our previous generation iSocket. In 2021 we introduced an even simpler and more convenient Plug-and-Go iSocket with built-in connectivity. No more hassles with SIM cards. Many of our previous business customers moved to the new solution with awesome dashboard for enterprises. Private customers like the new iSocket for it's simplicity too. Please check it here.

It turns out that most of our customers do not participate actively in social life, but they appreciate iSocket, they realize how much effort is applied to create a decent product and they want to express their gratitude, sharing their stories with others. I decided to collect some of these testimonials in one post. Send me your story, feedback or testimonial. 

“You should be on the shelves of every Home Depot”

My wife and I went for a walk last night in our neighbourhood in Ottawa and found out that one of the big houses that was being built burnt to the ground the night before. This was a 2mln dollar house that was in the final phases of completion, not to mention the damage to the houses beside it. I was thinking that had they installed an iSocket, the contractors could possibly have stopped the blaze before it got out of hand. I think the iSocket is a perfect tool for contractors to monitor/protect their investments. You should be on the shelves of every Home Depot.

Ray St.Denis, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Is there a power outage in my area?

The most popular application for iSocket is power outage alerts. We believe that prompt notification about a power outage would help customers to act immediately and avoid the consequences of a power failure. Below is some proof.

Marine power monitoring

Rick McAndrew from Australia has a boat and tells what happens when electricity cut off and why it is important for him to get a power alert immediately.

It's important that I know if the power supply from the marina is interrupted. If there is no power to the boat then key systems such as refrigeration, battery charge, and so on will stop, with obvious consequences. If the batter is run down, key systems such as pumps and so on will stop operating. It's important that I be notified of‪ power outages. If I get a message from the iSocket then I can call the marina office and they will go down to the boat and they will have a look and see what's the problem or might let me know if they've got a planned power outage to do some maintenance.

Fridge power outage alarm and food safety

After returning from 10 day holiday to find the power out (RCD tripped in fuse box for no apparent reason on the night of our departure) and the contents of the fridge and freezers ruined, I decided to look for some kind of alarm/notify product and came across iSocket. Quality product. Plugged in and after installing a Giffgaff SIM took about 10 minutes to set up security and the alert numbers. I have tested and it works! In future if I get a text to say the power is out I can call my sister to go and investigate. Impressed.

Martyn Uridge‎, Barrow in Furness, United Kingdom

Ann Brown from Canada, Saskatchewan tells how she uses iSocket 3G for power outage monitoring to the fridge and why it is important for her to get a prompt power off alarm.

When we have a power failure at our cottage, which is a 3 hour drive from our home, we have no idea whether our refrigerator is still working. If the power is not restored soon the food in the refrigerator will spoil and ruin the refrigerator. iSocket will alert us that the power has failed and we can contact the power company to restore the service. Then we can use our cell phone to restart the fridge.


“What I like most about iSocket is that it does not require telephone line or internet service to function and it is operational minutes after installing SIM card” – tells Ann.

Power monitoring system for fish tanks

Many of our customers in Australia, Canada, Singapore and USA use iSocket to monitoring the power to their fish tanks with expensive coral and tropical fish. With our new Temperature Sensor Pro it is now possible to monitor the temperature in salt water fish tanks too and get alerts when the temperature drops or rises. Ray Tralnberg from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada shared his story with us.

We have a salt water aquarium that is equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter outlets essential for safe reef keeping. Even though we have a security system that will warn me of a power failure at our address, it cannot notify me of a power shutdown to the aquarium outlets initiated by a potentially dangerous problem with an electrical compenant. Along came iSocket 3G and our concern that the aquarium systems could shut down undetected with a substantial loss to marine life (including corals) have disappeared. I have tested the product several times and it is operating flawlessly, notifying multiple contacts by text and phone calls any time there is an electrical problem! Very well designed and we can now rest comfortably knowing that we will be notified immediately of a power failure that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars!

Avoid frozen pipes – power outage and temperature monitoring for a cottage

Frozen pipes

We have many customers who buy iSocket for their chalet in the Swiss Alps or remote cabins in other places. They use iSocket for monitoring temperature remotely. They receive alerts when the temperature drops and switch on the heating remotely to avoid pipes freezing in their cottages.

I am using iSocket for controlling the remote house in a village on the mountain. With it I can power up the heating and the boiler before coming to the house for the weekend and I can control if temperatures are too low (freezing in winter) in order to heat the house and avoid freezing of the water pipes. Great usage. The device is very smart, and can be used for a lot of applications. Great product. I got great support. Many thanks.

Claudio Pedrini‎, Zürich, Switzerland

(Video on Swedish)

I have an iSocket 3G Power Socket. Use it for remote control of the pre-heating my cabin, and it works perfectly. Easy to set up also.

Tommy Dahlberg‎, Vasa, Finland

When Nest is powerless

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

James Lavelle from NYC shared a very interesting story with us.

I'll share a quick iSocket story of ours from just two days ago. Our family uses the iSocket to monitor temperature in a summer home. Yesterday our Nest thermostat broke resulting in our heat turning off during a freezing day here in New Jersey. Even worse, the Nest was still showing online as though it were connected with the old warmer temperature. Thankfully we had the iSocket with temperature sensor in place as a backup in case of power outage. We received the text message alert as soon as the temperature dropped, allowing us to fix the problem before it got worse. Were it not for the iSocket, our pipes would have surely froze! iSocket really is a great product.

Power interruption to experiment

Some businesses may lose thousands because of an electricity failure. We help businesses to avoid costly damage caused by electricity outages and therefore reduce costs. And I think we do this for a minimal fee compared with the loss that the outage would have caused. Andrew from Australia tells how a power interruption to experiment in the laboratory would affect his business and how a prompt power alert helps.

A special thanks to Andrew, because in most cases it's usually very difficult to get a testimonial from business customers, even though they make up 70% of our clients.

Short and sweet!

"We have a isocket plug for year now. it works great."
- Andreas Wilderer, USA

"Your iSocket is a great product. Extremely well engineered and I can see a lot of thought has gone into the software design."
- Colin Rowley, United Kingdom

"Fantastic product, very high quality. After a couple of years of use, I feel confident using these to manage critical remote infrastructure. Well done! Just ordered another 8."
- Dave Mc Donald‎, Cork, Ireland

"They provide an excellent after sales service."
- Jose Manuel Sa, Australia

"I actually bought the iSocket a couple of years ago and think it is a brilliant bit of kit. Whenever these type of sockets get mentioned I, and everyone else that has one recommends this on the forum."
- Luke Smith, United Kingdom

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5.0 (based on 12 reviews)

iSocket for power outages monitoring in the United States and Canada

 From ordering to installing, everything went smoothly and gently. What an easy way to set up!

 From ordering to installing, everything went smoothly and gently. What an easy way to set up!

5.0 By from Belgium

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.