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iSocket 3G

The world's first 3G smart plug for power outages alerts with temperature monitoring features for fridges, fish tanks, etc.

iSocket 3G for power outage and temperature alerts

You need to know there has been a power failure - this gives you peace of mind and helps prevent damage caused by a power outage.

  • Text or call when power fails or is restored

    Up to 10 numbers for notifications

  • Works with any mobile phone

    Non-smartphones & Smartphones

  • With temperature monitoring features

    Smart Thermostat, Temperature alerts

Power outages today

Posted (or last update)

Mumbai blackout: what happened, why was it so bad?

Mumbai massive power cut happened on October 12 because of a technical failure in one of the power supply circuits. Airport services remained unaffected by the power failure due to a backup plan that gets activated within seconds in the event of any power issues.
Posted (or last update)

Bay Area blackouts: What you need to know about the rolling power outages.

Scorching temperatures cause rolling blackouts in the region. Power outages are expected to continue. Read more from the source.
Posted (or last update)

Entire country loses power due to huge error

blackout shut down the whole country - Sri Lanka. A technical issue in the transmission system caused this power cut. Even a dedicated Wikipedia page was created for this power outage event
Posted (or last update)

Livermore Power Outage Affects 3600 Customers

According to utility company "heat-related conditions in the area" was the cause of power outages in Livemore.

Over Cellular Network

You are covered everywhere in USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and any other country where 3G or GSM mobile networks available.

Power Outage Alarm to your cell phone

You don’t need Wi-Fi at home. How, then, will you be alerted when Wi-Fi fails as well as the power? ;)

iSocket 3G will work with any 3G network anywhere on the planet. iSocket 3G will text or call you wherever you are - even in the middle of nowhere - where only texting is available.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Everything in order!

Travel with peace of mind - alerts will reach to the other end of the Globe.

What is the monthly cost?

It can be even $0 monthly. We don't charge for the service. You use SIM cards of your choice. For our US customers - see question 6 in our FAQ (we recommend to check all questions).

See our FAQ about it

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Let our customers tell their stories

iSocket 3G is our latest product for power outages monitoring, although solving a power outage alert problem is not new for us.

I would suggest that it is the best solution for power outage monitoring available on the market.

Nick, United Kingdom

This looks like an awesome device - for instance if you are alerted of a power cut, you ring your power company. If no faults can be traced, you can bet someone has cut your power for evil reasons. Or maybe you go out a lot and forget to turn on your electric blanket. Send a text and you’ll come home to a nice warm bed. You can even control the lights when you’re away.

Kram Nacnud, New Zealand

Excellent overall product. The plastic construction of the device is first class, sturdy plastic with perfect fit and finish. The instruction manual is expansive, 26 pages, which is welcome given many products come with no manuals today. Customer service at iSocket is very good as well, so this is a great product to solve a common problem of remote server or router reboot.

Joe, USA

After returning from a 10 day holiday to find the power out and the contents of the fridge and freezers ruined, I decided to look for some kind of alarm/alert product and came across iSocket. I was delighted with the service. Truly a quality product. Now if I get a text to say the power is off I can call my sister to investigate. Impressive!

Martyn Uridge, United Kingdom

iSocket 3G

iSocket 3G for power outage and temperature alerts

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

DISCOUNT-19% - buy with confidence, we ship as usual!

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.
You save $41.61
DISCOUNT-19% - buy with confidence, we ship as usual!
DISCOUNT-19% - buy with confidence, we ship as usual!

Technical Data & Features of iSocket 3G

Product name:
  • iSocket 3G
  • IS3GUS
  • NEMA 5-15, North America
Main application

  • Power outage and/or temperature monitoring
Built-in rechargeable battery

  • iSocket® Power Notifier - a feature which will notify you in the event of a power failure or when the power is restored
  • Li-ion or Li-po high quality batteries with excess capacity cater for signal delays in the event of a break in the mobile network before sending the power failure alert
  • Charging from internal charger about 10 hours if totally discharged
Safety and security monitoring systems that you can build with this model

(with notification to your mobile phone)

  • Power loss notification system
  • Remote on/off reboot system
  • Power failure alarm
Temperature Control Software Features

  • iSocket® Temperature Notifier - notifies you in the event of the room temperature falling below or rising above critical levels
  • Thermometer: temperature measurement provided by SMS
  • Thermostat: turn on/off equipment by thermostat's settings
Power Input (Supply Voltage)

  • 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption

  • Stand-by power
Output Relay

  • Remote turn on/off or restart of 120VAC/240VAC appliances by sms or call
  • Delayed start/stop, turn on/off for a certain period
  • Scheduling turn on/off
  • Max. switching rating 16A at 250VAC, protected with fuse
Power Rating

  • Max. rating 2000W (16A at120VAC); 4000W (16A at 250VAC); continuous resistive load
  • Nominal rating 1800W; 3600W for 230VAC
Input for External Temperature Sensor

  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector on the rear of the device, RED color
  • Support sensors from the original manufacturer, which are water-proof, with measurement limits from -55C(-67F) to 120C(248F) and ±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C

  • Scheduling some functions to be executed at a particular time
  • Scheduling turn on/off relay
  • Scheduling sending status information

  • Three security levels: password, list of phone numbers, limited configuration interval
  • Support several security numbers to limit acces to management and configuration
Free of charge operations

  • Unique feature of iSocket® Smart Software which allow you to perform some operations, e.g. remote switching or reboot, absolutely free (no fee for a call or SMS)
  • No service fee to manufacturer or dealer
Mobile Network

  • 4-band worldwide GSM 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
  • Support for 3G networks
  • iSocket® Online 24/7 - gets the device back online even after a break in the mobile network
  • Automatic date and time synchronization from mobile network
Type of antenna

  • Integrated
SIM socket & SIM cards

Hidden Button

  • For manual switching of main relay and for reset to factory defaults

  • POWER green
  • ONLINE blue
  • OUT red
Configuration and Management

  • SMS control and configuration with traditional "old" phones
  • Management through apps for smart phones
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
iSocket® Smart Commands

Applications for Smartphones

Operation Conditions

  • Indoor use, dry conditions
  • -10C – +30C (14F – 86F) *According to certifications (official range)
  • -15C – +40C (5F – 104F) *According to experience
Store Conditions

  • -30C – +50C (-22F – 122F)
Weight Nett/Gross

  • 248g(0.54lb)/400g(0.88lb)

  • FCC compliance

  • 1 year (for some countries 2 or 3 years)
European Manufacturer

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

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