Power outage news from around the world (before 2021)

We monitor the net to get all the news about power outages worldwide. This news feed aggregated power blackouts before 2021. We then split power outage news by regions.

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Power outage news from around the world

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Huge Christmas Eve power cut in Leeds

Power cut with nearly 1,500 HOMES affected - in these postcodes

Mumbai blackout: what happened, why was it so bad?

Mumbai massive power cut happened on October 12 because of a technical failure in one of the power supply circuits. Airport services remained unaffected by the power failure due to a backup plan that gets activated within seconds in the event of any power issues.

Bay Area blackouts: What you need to know about the rolling power outages.

Scorching temperatures cause rolling blackouts in the region. Power outages are expected to continue. Read more from the source.

Entire country loses power due to huge error

blackout shut down the whole country - Sri Lanka. A technical issue in the transmission system caused this power cut. Even a dedicated Wikipedia page was created for this power outage event https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Sri_Lankan_blackouts

Livermore Power Outage Affects 3600 Customers

According to utility company "heat-related conditions in the area" was the cause of power outages in Livemore.

Up to 16 hours of power outages a day spark protests

People don't like to be without power. Electricity consumers took to the streets in Dadu, Mirpurkhas Pakistan and held demonstrations against power utilities for subjecting them to 12 to 16 hours long power cuts.

Power cuts may damage your equipment - residents decry power cuts, low voltage.

In Swabi, Kohat, Pakistan the consumers claimed that they had suffered heavy losses as precious electronic instruments in their houses were damaged due to power fluctuations and low voltage - some lost their refrigerators, air-conditioners, water pumps, even stabilizers.

Power cuts due to two vehicles striking poles.

You never know when power outages happen to you. These outages were due to vehicles striking poles.

Power outages in New Zealand as weather system moves eastwards

PowerCo is reporting power cuts in Maketu, Pongakawa, Te puna and the Lower Kaimai area. More than 4000 properties affect by power cuts. A complex low pressure system is moving eastwards across New Zealand causing power interruptions.

More than 3000 in Bridgeport, Fairfield without power on weekend.

Utility reported 3,279 customers were in the dark after a power outage. There were several calls about issues with wires and city fires units reported “very low” hanging wires. The outage damage was from fireworks to UI poles and wires as reported.