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Nevada City Man Deals With Self Isolation During Power Outage

Here is an advise: if you don't have power to your fridge but you have 34 degrees outside you can store your food outside at this perfect temperatures!
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Power outage in Washington County

Thousands of people in Washington County were without electricity. The outage was caused by a falling pole. According to local utility company 3,600 were affected in the Beaverton and Hillsboro areas while some glitches on their power outage map showed 8,700 before.
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Power Cut to 30,000 customers

More than 30,000 PG&E customers in Northern California were without power due to snow storm yesterday.
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51,000 power cuts reported i socket alerts power outages to your phone.
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PG&E Power Outage Shut Off Timeline: When will electricity go out in Bay Area, Northern California

PG&E anticipates another Public Safety Power Shutoff expected to affect approximately 850,000 customers and may impact portions of 36 counties, including parts of the North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula and South Bay.
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US wildfire sparked minutes after power glitch

On Thursday morning PG&E shut off power in 15 California counties to prevent accidental fires, affecting about 180,000 homes. About 50,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in the state by wildfires driven by powerful winds.
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Don't mislead investors about power outages or they may sue you

Pacific Gas and Electric executives are accused in misleading investors about the company’s preparedness preparedness for pre-emptive blackouts. They faced complaints of poor planning, insufficient coordination with local governments, a downed website among other problems.
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A prolonged power outages could kill many

"Can Phoenix survive a summer power outage with no air conditioning?" - asked in the header of this report. Officials said 155 people died because of the heat in 2017. Although long-term power outages are rare, but some people remember when 45mln were without electricity because of the Canadian and Northeast grid collapses..
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UK blackouts raise questions over private sector’s right to profit from power

Energy network companies are under investigation after multiple power cuts in the UK. Over last months power failures increased in the UK what raised questions from the industry regulator.
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This report connects temperatures and power cuts.

"Extreme global temperatures pushing human body 'close to thermal limits', as climate change sees heatwaves sweep planet"