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Power cut in York creates chaos.

Major power cut hits more than 5,000 homes and sparks commuter chaos in York. The outage was caused by another company inadvertantly damaging an underground electricity cable.
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They can't decide whether these power outages are crimes or acts of heavens.

blackouts in California, Arkansas, Florida... "Did a gunman try to sabotage the city’s electrical grid? Could the outage have been domestic terrorism?"
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Power outages in Tuscon

Trico blackout affecting more than 6,000 customers. The cause of the outage is under investigation.
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1.4 million businesses at risk of power cuts in the UK

This study suggests that 1.4 million businesses at risk of power cut in the UK post-Brexit.
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Power outage in Florida

West Palm Beach experienced an early morning power outage that affected around 9000 customers, travelers saw the lights flicker on and off at the Palm Beach International Airport.
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Power cut to more than 2,000 homes in Moorabool and Hepburn

Power cut in Victoria, Australia caused by fallen power line. About 2000 were without power.
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Power cut in Aberdeen

About 1000 houses lost power after a power cable was cut accidentally by a council worker during work on traffic lights.
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Power failure hits over 5,100 customers

Power outages in Hamilton and Manchester have left over 5,100 customers without power to cool down on the hottest day of the year. The outage caused by the damage to one of the lines bringing power to this area. The Hamilton town hall closed early due to the loss of power.
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15 years since the 2003 Northeast Blackout

If you never heard about the most widespread blackout in North American history that put 50 million people to the dark 15 years ago, here are 30 pictures for you. The US power grid still need improvements. Power outages in the US happen every day.
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Power cut in New Romney.

Power cut hits homes in Greatstone and Littlestone. Power was out due to a fault on the electricity network.