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 I just received my unit. I plugged it in and it JUST WORKS! Did a test and was notified just as expected. Great product!!!

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Restaurant owner loses $50k in produce after power cut off

A pity story of one Australian business: “I’ve panicked and run through here which is the kitchen and all the fridge displays were off”.

Substation issue causes power outage in Frankfort

An entire northern Michigan city is experiencing a power outage. Officials said the outage is because of a problem with a substation.

Power cut that directly causes financial loss

For about 3 hours BNZ customers were locked out of their accounts after a power cut in Australia triggered a system failure. They complain to ombudsman now.

Thousands were without power in mid-Michigan

Equipment failure often causing power outages as it happened in Auburn, St. Charles areas. Over 3,400 were without power.

Hydro outage in Bracebridge, Ontario Canada

The outage left many without power after a microburst tore through the area. The storm snapping hydro poles and tearing down wires.

Scaring weather causes power cuts in the UK

Thousands of families in Stoke-on-Trent are without power after a huge thunderstorm. Shocked neighbour: "All of a sudden, smoke was coming through my window and I saw blue flashing lights".

NAB mainframe turns its TOESUP* after power outage

The National Australia Bank has been sharply criticised after a seven-hour outage on Saturday that took down its ATMs, EFTPOS, Internet banking, mobile banking services, and call centre operations.

Power outage affecting thousands in Spartanburg Co.

Many people are without power in Spartanburg County. A switch caused over 1,200 estimated customers to lose power just after 10:30 a.m. The secondary outage caused by the switch lasted for roughly a half hour.

Equipment failure causing large power outage

A massive power outage in Wood county, Ohio caused by an equipment failure. More than 4,000 customers without power.

Power cut in Bridgwater

The reason of a power cut in Bridgwater was an overhead line fault that caused hundreds of homes to be without power.