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Now they blame a bird for Idaho Falls power outage.

A hawk got into a transmission line, which caused a short in the line.

Crash causes power outage.

About 1,800 homes in East Liverpool were without power for several hours after vehicle struck a utility pole, toppling it over and disrupting electrical service.

Power outage knocks out power for nearly 17,000 in West Seattle.

For second time in a week, short but widespread West Seattle power outage of unknown origin put 17k to dark. Power is now restored.

Huge blackout in Canada.

Hydro outage to about 50,000 customers in Quebec and Ontario due to storms. Winds reaching speeds of 82 kilometres per hour.

When no power, businesses upset.

Power failure in Phuentsholing, Bhutan yesterday, is not the first one. It is caused by a problem with transformer on the substation. With no electricity supply, businesses like restaurants and hotels are most affected.

Power Cut in Scarborough.

Power cut in Scarborough because of "an unexpected problem with the cables or equipment that serve the area".

Widespread power cut hits Malta during hot season.

Parts of central Malta experienced power cut that probably caused by high usage of air conditioning systems.

JCP&L Monmouth County power outage.

Aberdeen was hit hardest by the outage on Monday that affected more than 2,000 of Jersey Central Power & Light customers.

Power cut for 75 minutes in many areas.

The power disruption affected all extra high voltage supply lines in Pune city.

Power outage in east Lincoln.

The reason of the power failure in Lincoln, Nebraska is unknown. Some traffic lights were affected as well as people's homes.