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Untreated wastewater flows into sea after power failure at Eastbourne site.

A power cut at Southern Water’s Eastbourne wastewater treatment works caused untreated wastewater to flow into the sea.
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Two-hour-long power failure hits 1.5 lakh consumers.

The reason of power cut in Pune, India was a failure of 132KV underground cable.
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Multiple blackouts in USA on Saturday

Power outage paralyzed Disney Springs. "It appears a power outage, which took place approximately at 9:30 PM, has affected the entire area of Disney Springs’ West Side, Town Center, and The Landing." - according to this photo report. In some areas, fire alarms are going off due to the loss of power.
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Regal Henrietta evacuated for power outage

Saturday was "good" for power outages through the country. The reason of the outage in The Regal Henrietta movie theater is unknown yet.
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Power outage in Washington D.C. impacts more than 39,000 people.

Another huge blackout in USA for a short period of time - this time in the nation's capital. The reason again an equipment issue on a substation.
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The cause of massive Manhattan blackout is now reported.

The power failure that put ~72,000 customers of the most populated area to darkness on Saturday night was due to equipment failure. A 13,000-volt cable burned up. Failures triggered the halt of the flow of electricity to six neighborhood networks.
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High Temperatures can damage A/C units and your body.

Temperatures in some regions of USA go high. Here you will find advises on how to protect your equipment and yourself.
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Electricity restored after New York power cut

How much we rely on power! See summary about New York power outage. More than 70,000 homes and businesses lost power in Manhattan for about 5 hours. The cause of this huge blackout is still unknown.
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Power restored to 6,500 after Vancouver power outage

6,500 people in Vancouver were without hydro. The outage covered the South Granville area. Nobody knows the cause.
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Australian temperatures cause disasters to farmers

As South Australian temperatures drop below zero, some growers are turning to creative methods to protect their produce. -5.7 Celsius was the equal-second coldest temperature on record. Meteorologists say that temperatures fall sixth consecutive day below zero.