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Power cut is affecting homes and businesses in Newport.

A flickering of the lights were reported. The main network outage hit the area of Parkhurst.
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City Power staff held hostage after blackout.

Employees of the City of Johannesburg's power utility City Power held hostage by Alexandra community after blackout, South Africa. A spokesperson from City Power said efforts to attend to the burnt substation had been delayed by a lack of replacement parts. The damage made it impossible to even connect a generator.
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Strong winds bring power cuts to Yorkshire

A yellow weather warning has been issued for Yorkshire because of strong winds. The Met Office is warning there is a risk that buildings will be damaged, longer journey times or cancellations on trains made, road closures and power cuts due to the weather.
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Power cut hits hundreds of homes in the UK

Hundreds of homes were left without electricity by a power cut Sunday morning in West Malling, Kings Hill, Snodland, and surrounding areas. Power cut was due to the issue with a high voltage overhead electricity line. Specialist engineers has been working to divert power remotely but they told they can't restore everyone this way.
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Street fight breaks out in Delft over power cut

"Our transformer is damaged because of the illegal connections." Cape Town – Violence erupted in Delft at the weekend over a month-long power cut residents blamed on those living in informal settlements.
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Power cut in the UK

851 homes hit by power cut in Minehead, West Somerset
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Are power outages getting longer?
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Power cuts in the UK

Power cut affects part of Salisbury - only few people affected.
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Power outage affects hundreds

A failure of underground equipment is quite common problem for power cuts as in this case in the Canyon Country area.
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'Momentary' power cut for 69,000 in Fresno

About 70K experienced short power outages in their homes. According to utility company, a momentary outage is usually the cause when lights flicker at home during storms or during high wind. It is caused by short disruptions in the grid, which can activate safety devices such as fuses or switches.