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Widespread power failure is under investigation

A lengthy power outage was caused by a loss of generation at the Whitehorse Rapids Dam. Approximately 12,124 customers across most of Whitehorse and south to Teslin were affected by the outage.
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Large Power Outages Impacted Almost 5,000 Cupertino Households

Almost 5,000 without electricity in Cupertino, Saratoga and Los gatos due to howling winds as believed by utility company.
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Massive power outage in Center Township - VIDEO

A power outage in Butler County left thousands without power on Thursday morning. The outage was caused by high winds along with ice on tree limbs that fell on power lines.
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blackout in Singapore

Power outage in parts of central Singapore caused by equipment failure at a substation, The equipment failure also caused an electricity flashover. See full story and multiple video.
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Heatwave hammers grid, causes power cuts across Hamilton

Around 600 properties were affected and some were without electricity for more than eight hours because of high temperatures in Hamilton New zealand.
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Low voltage issue causes power cut in Arnold

According to Western Power Distribution, around 25 properties are without power due to a 'low voltage issue' in the area.
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'Smouldering pavement' shuts Gloucestershire high street

A small number of homes were temporarily without power in Gloucestershire following an underground electrical fire. Power is restored now.
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Around 30,000 lost power in New York area.

Powerful wind gusts have knocked out power to thousands in Central and Western New York Tuesday morning. National Grid gives some guidance how to act during power cuts.
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California citrus growers saw the coldest temperatures of the season.

Temperatures in California dropped to 27F. This will negatively affect citrus industry. Damaging temperatures threaten the fruit. Growers use different methods of warming but they all rely on power.
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Multiple power outages in South Africa

Power failures in Gauteng and other locations caused not by a technical fault or load, but cable and scrap metal thieves. Power supply chain experiences economic sabotage.