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Power outage because of a storm in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Brief power outage after Thursday storm

About 1,000 residents on Manitowoc’s northeast side were without power for about an hour.
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Many power outages in Omaha, Nebraska. Over 5,325 customers are without power in Douglas county.

Multiple power outages reported after overnight storm

The Omaha Public Power District has been working Saturday to restore power to thousands of customers who don't have it in the Omaha metro.
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More than 3,000 people were without power in Durham, North Carolina on Saturday.

Durham in the dark; power outage impacts thousands

A power outage affecting thousands of customers caused quite the headache in parts of Durham on Saturday.
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A driver of a truck lost control and hit a utility pole that caused power outage to hundreds homes in Holmesburg, Philadelphia.

Truck crash causes power outage in Holmesburg

Philadelphia police are investigating a crash that brought down a utility pole, cutting power to hundreds of customers in Holmesburg.
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Less social when power fails. People applying online for benefits experienced technical difficulties due to a power outage in Columbia, S.C. USA.

DSS, SNAP benefits delayed by power outage

The Department of Social Services' central office experienced a power outage from severe storms that swept through the area on June 17.
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A romantic dinner? About 10,500 commercial and residential customers lost power in Sacramento, California. A Power outage forcing diners to finish their meals in the dark and restaurants to turn away some patrons. Customers who had already received their food before the power outage were understanding, and many stuck around to eat their lunch in the dark.

Power outage leaves downtown Sacramento diners in dark during lunch

A power outage struck a broad area of downtown Sacramento at the peak of the lunch hour Friday, forcing diners to finish their meals in the dark and restaurants to turn away some patrons.
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Over 500 homes are without electricity because of a power cut in Worcester, UK.

Power cut in Worcester

OVER 500 homes are without electricity this evening because of a power cut.
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An equipment failure caused power outage in Greenville County (South Carolina) again and Duke Energy gives safety reminders how to prepare to power outages.

Power restored for thousands after outage in Greenville Co.

There is a power outage in Greenville County after a wreck, Friday morning.
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Massive power outage in Las vegas to 4,300 people.

Massive power outage affecting more than 4,300 customers

A massive power outage affected NV Energy customers Thursday afternoon. The utility company posted on its website that it was responding to scattered outages.
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Equipment failure which resulted in a tree falling down leaved people in Killingworth, Connecticut, USA without power.

Killingworth’s Power Is Back On After Early Morning Power Outage

Power is back on for residents in Killingworth today after having no power for most of the morning today.