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No power, no game - power outage in Plainfield Township, Michigan.

Power outage causes delay at Whitecaps game

A power outage at Fifth Third Ballpark Wednesday evening caused a delay at the West Michigan Whitecaps game.
Raccoon - another creature to be blamed for power outages. About 3,700 residents in Hagerstown, Maryland were affected by a damaged to the city's Wesel electrical substation.

Power outage affects Hagerstown residents

About 3,700 residents in Hagerstown were affected by a power outage late Tuesday night.
Westar said a failed bushing in a motor at a substation resulted power outage in Wichita, Kansas.

UPDATE: Wichita power outage caused by mechanical failure

Westar Energy says a mechanical failure at a power substation caused a power outage Tuesday night that left a large part of northeast Wichita in the dark.
No power, no shopping - power cut in South Yorkshire, UK.

Shoppers turned away as power cut closes South Yorkshire supermarket

Shoppers are being turned away from a South Yorkshire supermarket this afternoon after a power cut.
Balloons on the lines cause power outages again - in Tusla this time. Power is restored now.

PSO: Power back on for 2,520 customers in south Tulsa

PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford said the initial finding was of balloons locking up a feeder line, but PSO later discovered the cause of the outage was a dead tree with limbs on the lines in the 9100…
The power cut‚ which had been expected to cause massive congestion around Benoni city (South Africa) and have on knock-on effects for airport-bound transport‚ started at about 4am.

Power restored after cable theft leaves Benoni in the dark

A metro’s quick response to a massive power outage on Wednesday earned it “kudos” from some of its Twitter account followers.
Power outage after heavy thunderstorms swept through Avondale Estates, GA USA. The actual cause of the outage was an electrical recloser that has exploded on a Georgia Power pole.

Avondale Outage Knocks Out Power Downtown

City Hall was among the buildings without power after thunderstorms Tuesday.
A significant number of downed trees, downed poles and power lines in Minneapolis Minnesota. Power outage hits over 100K people.

Thousands of Xcel Energy customers without power

Xcel Energy crews say they are working to assess damage and restore power for about 68,000 customers without power down from about 130,000 at the height of the storm Tuesday night.
Thousands of people were without power after an overnight storm in Rockford, but power is restored to most of them.

Electricity restored for most in Rockford after powerful storm

ROCKFORD — Several stoplights and buildings in the downtown Rockford were without power today after an overnight storm.The Rockford Municipal
Almost 10,000 people in Clatsop County, Oregon are without power now. A power outage affected people — including in the cities Astoria, Knappa and Svensen — who get some of their power from the Bonneville Power Administration.

Power outage affects more than 9,100

More than 9,100 Pacific Power customers in north Clatsop County lost power at 7:57 a.m. Wednesday, according to company spokesman Tom Gauntt.The outage affected people — including in the cities…