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Power outage in Wasco, California to 2,500 people.

Power outage in Wasco impacting 2,500 residents

Pacific Gas & Electric is working to find the cause of a power outage impacting thousands of residents in Wasco.
blackout in Las vegas - more than 4,700 lost power. No word on when power will be restored.

Massive power outage affecting more than 4,300 customers

A massive power outage affected NV Energy customers Thursday afternoon. The utility company posted on its website that it was responding to scattered outages.
An electrical vault fire caused power outage in Chicago. Two officers sustained minor injuries from an explosion connected to the fire.

Power outage on Near North Side after electrical vault fire

There are some ComEd customers without power Thursday evening on the Near North Side following an electrical vault fire.
A terrible microburst in San tan valley, Arizona. Roof blown off of home. A lot of power outages. VIDEO report.

Microburst damages home, power poles in San Tan Valley

A microburst was reported in San Tan Valley on Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service, where it knocked down some power poles and damaged farm equipment.
No power, no animals. A storm caused power outage in Savahhan, Georgia and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center is closed.

Power outage closes Oatland Island Wednesday

A local animal center is closed due to a power outage.
Power outage in Colorado because of a fire at the power station. About 2,800 members in eastern Mead, Johnstown, northern Firestone and unincorporated Fort Lupton were affected.

Power restored to customers in southwest Weld County

United Power has reported that electrical service has been restored to about 2,800 customers living in areas west of Weld County Road 13 between Colo. 66 and Colo. 119 after it was knocked out by an…
A problem with an underground cable caused two outages over the past week in Lansing. Both of those outages affected a little over 1,000 customers in East lansing, Michigan.

Power outage reported in East Lansing

A fault in an underground cable caused a power outage that affected hundreds of BWL customers on Wednesday night.
A 2005 Honda Pilot, occupied by three teenage females left the roadway, striking a power pole. The crash sheared the pole, downing power lines, causing a power outage extending from the Garwood area over to Twin lakes, New jersey USA.

Crash causes power outage and closes E. Chilco Road | My Fox Spokane

On Tuesday, June 28, 2016, at about 8:40 PM, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office along with Kootenai County Fire/EMS, responded to the 2400 Block of E Chilco Road, northwest of Hayden, for a single…
Duke energy can't promise a safe work for Carowinds as we understood from this VIDEO report. It is third power outage in the park for this month. "We had a piece of equipment malfunction" - said representative, "Things like that can happen".

Another power outage at Carowinds

Visitors at Carowinds Wednesday complained on Twitter that they waited around for hours after a power outage at the park.
A transformer fire caused power outage in Staten island, N.Y.

Power outage from transformer fire in Sunnyside

A transformer fire reportedly affecting hundreds of people occurred near Little Clove Road and Victory Boulevard in Sunnyside on Thursday morning.