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An utility pole fire causes power outage. Pole fires are rare but typically occur after rain that causes something to fall on a pole and short a transformer.

Times Leader | Power outage impacts 976 customers in Hanover Township area

A UGI utility pole fire caused 976 properties in the Hanover Township area to lose electrical power Saturday afternoon, a company representative said.
Power outage in Greenville, S.C. USA

Duke Energy crews responding to Upstate power outage

Duke Energy crews are working to restore power to a section of Greenville County that affects more than 2,000 customers.
Five power outages in Fargo in two weeks - what peope think.

Fargo Power Outage Causes Problems

After five power outages in the past two weeks, people here in Fargo are over the power failures.
Service was suspended for hours along the Northeast Corridor, which serves multiple Amtrak lines, due to a commercial power outage affecting the Amtrak Hell Gate Line – the section of track from New Rochelle to Penn Station.

Power Outage Halts Amtrak Service From New York City To New Haven

A power outage halted Amtrak Northeast Corridor service between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut Friday evening.
Underground vault malfunction causes power outage.

Vault malfunction causes Oxnard power outage

More than 3,100 people were left without electricity in Oxnard Friday morning after an underground vault belonging to Southern California Edison malfunctioned, the company said.
A tree fell and broke a 55-foot transmission pole along the feeder line, caused power outage.

Fallen tree causes power outage - Minden Press-Herald

SHARE THISA downed tree is to blame for the power outage in the southern end of the parish Wednesday into Thursday. Officials with Claiborne Electric said a tree fell and broke a 55-foot transmission...
Power outage underground should be quite terrifying. Washington, power cut at Van Ness Metro.

Red Line station reopens after power outage; Metro GM to address maintenance plan Friday

Metro trains are temporarily bypassing the Van Ness station due to a power outage Friday. Authorities say that shuttle service is available to transport commuters to their stations.
Power outage to 5,500 customers in Wichita

UPDATE: Power outages affect more than 5,500 Wichitans

Westar restored service earlier than the estimated time in all cases.
A transformer blow causes more power outages to Fargo - to around 7,000 people this time.

Power Outage Hits Thousands of Fargo Customers

More power outages for Xcel Energy customers in Fargo.
Very short power outage to 13,000 people.

Major power outage hits Hinds County

More than 13,000 people lose power in Hinds County.