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It was a huge blackout! Power outage in Northwest Montana affects 16,500 homes. The outage caused by a fault in a key transmission line. The transmission line impacted seven distribution substations.

Power outage affects 16,500 homes

Thousands of homes across Northwest Montana were without power Friday morning. A Bonneville Power spokesperson said the disturbance on the transmission line was caused by equipment failure.
Power cut in Waterlooville affected near 14,000. Homes were without electricity few hours. The power cut was caused by a fault in a wire.

Power cut across Waterlooville

RESIDENTS of Waterlooville were left with no electricity due to a power cut.
Below is a good post that describes how power cuts in the UK may affect your business, what preparation you can do and how to claim compensation.

What can you do to recover the cost of a power cut?

We are fast approaching the winter months, and despite the UK’s reliable energy network, a severe enough storm can lead to power cuts.
A huge blackout in Canada again: a widespread hydro outage leaves 275,000 without electricity in Montreal. The outage caused by a worker who cut a cable at one of the island's main power distribution stations.

Power restored after widespread outage leaves thousands of Montrealers in the dark

The outage was caused by an entrepreneur that cut a cable, Hydro-Quebec said. The cable has been repaired.
The National Weather Service reports damage after severe storms hit western North Carolina on Monday. At least 98,000 homes and businesses lost power. Numerous trees are down. Fierce winds flipped planes at Hickory Regional Airport.

Duke Energy outage map: 7,000 WNC residents without power on Tuesday

More than 6,000 residents in Western North Carolina are without power Tuesday. The power outages are due to the stormy weather that battered the region on Monday.
If you are among those who were left without electricity for two days after a major power cut in Boscombe you may ask for compensation. Ofgem in the UK controls such compensations, but in this case the utility even promises to add "a suitable goodwill payment as way of apology for the inconvenience caused".

Boscombe residents affected by power cut will be compensated, SSE confirms

RESIDENTS who were left without electricity for two days after a major power outage in Boscombe will be compensated.
Residents in Flint have seen 'flash of green and orange light' before electricity gone. Utility explains that this was caused by a damage on a piece of equipment on one of their power lines.

Residents see 'flash of green and orange light' before Storm Brian power cut

Around 200 properties in Flint were left without electricity as 70mph winds battered the region
This is what caused Solihull power cut: a fault on the high voltage network.

Power loss hits shops and businesses in Solihull

Power cut sees town centre shops evacuated. Town centre shops were evacuated and firefighters seen near the high street after the electrical power was lost around 12.40pm.
Power failure affecting homes, businesses and traffic lights in Dorchester and Poundbury.

MOTORISTS are being advised to drive carefully following traffic light failure in Weymouth.

The power cut halted proceedings at County Hall but power has since returned to Dorset County Council.
Power failure is causing traffic issues in Central Milton Keynes.

A power failure affected the main traffic lights at Grafton Gate/Silbury Boulevard.

Engineers worked with the electric provider through the night to fix the issue however the power failure also caused additional issues that are being worked on today.