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A number of homes have been affected by a power cut in the Culmore area of Derry.

Number of homes affected by power cut in Culmore area of Derry | Derry Now

A number of homes have been affected by a power cut in the Culmore area of Derry. Northern Ireland Electricity have confirmed that a repair team is currently on its w...
Thousands homes in Sittingbourne, UK were hit by a power cut due to equipment failure on the high voltage network.

Power cut hits thousands

An underground cable has faulted, leaving many homes without electricity. More than 2,660 customers were hit in the St Laurence Close, Bapchild, area at 10.48am but power to the majority was restored swiftly.
Power cut to 2,500 in Middlesbrough caused by an underground cable fault. The cause of the cable is unknown.

Nearly 2,500 customers hit by power cut in Middlesbrough

TS4 area hit after cable fault sparks power black out. Within nine minutes of the fault being reported, power was restored to 1,193 customers. All power restored within two hours.
At the storm’s worst in De kalb, about 170,000 of Georgia Power’s 317,000 customers lost power. Just Wednesday afternoon, DeKalb had 60,000 without power.

There are more Georgia Power outages in DeKalb than any other county

That’s according to the electric utility’s outage map, which showed about 11 a.m. that there were more than 23,000 DeKalb customers in the dark. That’s about a sixth of the company’s statewide outages.
Power crisis in Australia continues. Australian power companies would be encouraged to remotely turn down swimming pool pumps and other equipment to cut power on a hot days in exchange to cash rewards for consumers.

A shocking state of affairs

THAT Australia has managed to get itself to the point where we are facing a potential crisis in terms of power supply and pricing is just extraordinary. You have an equation where the bulk of the nation’s generating and transmission assets have been sold off to the private sector but that private ...
Copper thieves disconnected kilometres of cables in underground tunnels in Johannesburg. Businesses owners losing millions as a result of a major power cut which is now threatening the future of their businesses.

Joburg CBD businesses losing millions as result of power cuts

City Power says it will only be able to restore electricity by Saturday, a week after it was cut off. For one hairdresser, who can’t afford to buy the generator, this means there’s no money as she can’t run her business without electricity.
Last summer Sydney experienced a power cut to 11,000 homes and businesses with temperatures soaring. You also remember Adelaide blackout. Here is a video of what officials says.

Power failure: Premier’s shot in the dark

It was only the last-ditch closure of an aluminium smelter in the Hunter that saved the entire city from being plunged into darkness and Ms Berejiklian was yesterday unable to rule out more blackouts this summer.
Power cut in central Cambridge hits hundreds of homes and businesses. The cause of the power cut - as it is often happens in the UK - is being blamed on an underground electricity cable.

Live: Hundreds of homes and businesses hit by power cut in Cambridge city centre

The power cut is thought to have hit 296 homes and business in the city centre. The cause of the power cut is being blamed on an underground electricity cable that faulted on a high voltage network according to UK power networks.
Officials believe that Staines power cut was due to the suspects who gained access to the site and forced entry to the substation, causing “extensive damage".

Staines power cut caused by substation fire - police

Around 600 people lost power on Wednesday night - and now police believe the cause was likely criminal
Hydro One explains why your power was out. An equipment failure at one of their stations caused an unplanned power outage that affected almost 10,000 customers.

Was your power out last night? Hydro One explains why

Almost 10,000 customers were affected. In a news release sent early this morning, Hydro One said electricity was restored for 4,700 customers by 11:30 Friday night, while the power for the remaining 4,700 customers was back online shortly before 2 a.m.