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A power outage cut off air conditioning to elderly residents in a Solvang mobile home park. The widespread blackout in the Santa Ynez Valley affected many elderly residents of the Rancho Santa Ynez Mobile Home Estates. Temperatures reached over 100 degrees with more than 35% humidity.

Emergency Personnel Check on Senior Residents During Power Outage | Edhat

Local emergency personnel checked on elderly residents in a Solvang mobile home park after a power outage cut off air conditioning in triple digit heat on Sunday.
Power outages are widespread from south of Swanton to near Oregon. Some areas that are affected by wires down.

Storm produces power outages

More than 8,000 people in Lucas County are without power, according to Toledo Edison. The outages are widespread from south of Swanton to near Oregon, the outage report shows. Emergency crews are…
How different people react when they receive a mandatory evacuation order. Power is being cut off to approximately 300 inundated homes in West Houston that were flooded.

Power cut to homes under mandatory evacuation

According to Mayor Turner, the mandatory evacuation order is to prevent harm to residents and make first responder work more feasible in that zone. People in about 115 homes have already evacuated voluntarily. Thousands more need to be evacuated, according to Fire Dept.
"The first manhole, which is about 50 yards from my house, the top blew off and there was palls of smoke and flames pouring out of it" - Keith Henderson. Homes were left without power after an electrical fire erupted from a drain and the manhole cover was blown out of the ground on Hexham Road in Throckley. A Northumbria Police spokesman said that the fire most probably was caused by a power surge.

Homes left without power after flames erupt from beneath a street

The top blew off a man hole cover after an electrical fire on Hexham Road, Throckley. Homes were left without power after an electrical fire caused flames to erupt from beneath the ground on Friday night.
Another power cut in the UK where the cause is not known. About 1,000 homes in Derby were left without electricity after the power cut.

Hundreds of Derby homes left without electricity after power cut

More than 900 properties were affected by the incident, as Western Power Distribution spent about an hour fixing the problem
A huge blackout affects 16,000 people from San Dimas to the San Fernando Valley. People lost refrigerators full of food, airconditioning systems do not work.

Over 16,000 Affected by Power Outages, Planned and Unplanned, from San Dimas to San Fernando Valley

In San Dimas, however, a four-hour- power outage is planned by Southern California Edison and will affect 40 homes. A company representative said SoCal Edison needs to fix an underground transformer, and without the repair, a power outage of 24 hours or longer could happen without warning.
According to some sources it can take up to two weeks to restore power on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands.

Power Outage In North Carolina's Outer Banks Continues

Power crews are working to restore electricity to the Outer Banks after a construction company accidentally severed two of three power transmission cables leading to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands.
Not everyone agree that blaming fog for San Francisco's power outage is good idea.

PG&E Staffer Reportedly Blames Fog For Richmond District Power Outage

As three things you're extremely likely to find in San Francisco skies are dirt, grime, and fog, perhaps it's a miracle we have any power on at all!
Power outages in Australia affect prices. South Australia is linked only to Victoria through the national energy market, and can be left highly-vulnerable when the connection fails. See report.

SA power prices go negative? Blow me down...

SOUTH Australia’s power prices briefly collapsed to negative $544 on Monday, as windy conditions led to an oversupply of electricity and the interconnector with Victoria was limited.
Photo report about huge North Carolina power outage.

With all power cut, tens of thousands flee N.C. Outer Banks Islands

One of three cables to two remote islands was completely severed, and the two others were compromised. All could be out for as long as two weeks.