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A huge Sydney blackout caused by a faulty equipment inside an Ausgrid substation. Power has now been safely restored to 60,000 homes and businesses, but questions remain - when Ausgrid will improve infrostructure for their power grid...

Faulty equipment to blame for massive power outage across Sydney

A mass blackout has affected up to one hundred sets of traffic lights and about 60,000 homes and businesses across Sydney.
400 customers in Embleton and the surrounding area were affected by a power cut after telegraph pole ‘explodes’ .

Power cut in Northumberland village after telegraph pole ‘explodes’

A fire has caused a telegraph pole to collapse, leaving around 400 properties in a Northumberland village without power.
blackout switches off 1000 homes in a few cities in Queensland Australia. This outage was caused by a damaged to high-voltage powerline at substation.

Blackout switches off 1000 homes

THE first Cairns International Speedway meet of the year was cancelled after a blackout cut power to about 1000 properties in the city’s south on Saturday.
Power restored after a power outage that affected Manchester after a car crash to a telephone pole. While the initial crash did not result in power outages, utility swithed power off in order to replace the telephone pole.

Power restored after planned outage in Manchester

A planned power outage affected Manchester's west side Sunday night after a car crash caused a telephone pole to snap in half, bringing the pole and wires down across Dunbarton Road.
A short 30 seconds power failure occurred in Homestead. It was caused by "some type of issue".

Kennywood loses power temporarily

Kennywood Park had a power outage for a short period of time Sunday afternoon. Stay with Channel 11 News and WPXI.com for the latest updates.
They had plenty power problems in Australia recently.

Four Corners: Power Failure looks at Australia's looming energy crisis

So critical has the situation become that the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was forced to shirtfront the major gas exporters last month.
This short but huge power cut in Leicester, UK was due to a fault on high voltage network.

Power cut affects 47,000 properties in Leicester

A power cut left 47,000 homes and businesses in Leicester without electricity. The shortage lasted for only 11 minutes, but affected a large swathe of the city - and traffic lights on at least two...
Large balloon in charge of large power outage in Durham. Nobody knows where it come from.

‘Large balloon’ causes power outage for about 2,000 in Durham

Durham officials said that a large balloon is likely the culprit in a large power outage on Sunday afternoon.
Power outages in Malaysia are often. This time power failure in Kuala Lumpur's shopping mall caused lots of difficulties.

Shopping mall in KL forced to close early due to power outage - Nation | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: A shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur was forced to close early due to an unexpected power outage, leaving visitors stuck in a traffic jam lasting more than an hour in the mall's basement…
Thousands of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia residents have been plunged into darkness with mass power outages affecting homes across the city.

Mass power outages as Ballarat receives a month worth of rain in one day

MONDAY UPDATE: Almost 8,000 homes remain without power across western Victoria as the SES struggle to deal with hundreds of call-outs.