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A really huge power outage. Several power substations went down causing widespread power outages in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

PNM: 144,000 customers affected by overnight power outage

Several power substations went down overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning, causing widespread power outages in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
Power cut in Oxford. The Oxford Electric Department reported that the source of the power failure was at the substation on Old Taylor Road. OPD also tweeted and warned drivers to treat all intersections as four-way stops until traffic lights resumed blinking.

Oxford Electric is working on restoring city-wide power outage - The Daily Mississippian

It was the night the lights went out in Oxford. After the city went dark, city services kept residents updated primarily through social media. The Oxford Electric Department tweeted and said the…
The cause of a power outage in Portsmouth has been identified - a piece of equipment failed. It is quite often reason for power outages.

Cause of Sunday Power Outage Discovered - Portsmouth Press

The cause of a power outage Sunday evening in Portsmouth, in an area from School House Lane to Trinity Cemetery, has been identified.
The cause of a power outage in American Falls, Idaho is an accident involving a power pole. 1,800 were without power.

Truck accident cause power outage to 1,800 Idaho Power customers

Idaho Power is reporting two outages in Eastern Idaho Monday night.
The power situation in South Australia is still a subject of serious discussions on a high level. Power failures started on Christmas Eve pose major problems for households and businesses. Tourism operators are suffering, because people cancel their trips since they are concerned about power supply, shops had lost expensive stock. An extended blackout in the middle of a sweltering summer heatwave affects thousands of people on the Eyre Peninsula.

Australia: Blackout-hit West Coast seeks answers

PREMIER Jay Weatherill has agreed to meet with West Coast communities fed up over repeated blackouts.
A blackout in Vicksburg occurred when a breaker at the substation went out, cutting power to 744 customers. Vicksburg blackout is the second outage for a short period of time. Utility explained the outage was like a circuit in a house that tripped and cut power in the entire home, but this large circuit cut power to a substation.

Substation failure knocks out power Saturday morning | The Vicksburg Post

An equipment failure at Entergy’s East Vicksburg Substation was the cause of a power outage blacking out a large portion of the east side of Vicksburg Saturday, Entergy customer service…
Hydro outage affected 5,000 residents in Toronto’s York area. Some customers were without electricity for less than an hour, while others more.

Power outage affects York area Monday morning

Residents in Toronto's York area were affected by a power outage Monday morning. About 500 customers were with...
Power has been restored in Baton Rouge after power outages caused by an equipment failure at a substation. There were about 4,000 affected by outages.

Power restored to most following outage to 4,000 residents

According to Entergy, thousands of residents are out of power on Monday morning.
Power cut in Boston area, UK. Utility says "You may be able to claim for spoilt freezer contents on your home insurance".

Power cut hits hundreds of electricty customers in Boston area

Hundreds of electricty customers have been left without power after supplies were cut off in the Boston area. Homes within the PE20 postcode area, near Frampton, Kirton and Wyberton suffered a...
Power outage in the Bay Area hits more than 10,000. In San Francisco there are roughly 1,335 customers affected by a series of outages. Power outages caused by stormy weather.

Roughly 10,550 Pg&E Customers Affected By Outage Throughout Bay Area

There are roughly 10,550 PG&E customers without electrical service during this evening's stormy weather, according to a spokesperson for the utility. Roughly 3,900 customers lost power in the…