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"There were two pieces of equipment [...] that failed: One was called an arrester and the second piece of equipment was called a post insulator. Both pieces failed this morning; we don’t know why, they just do." - that is how a power outage in St. George has been explained by the representative. The power outage affected over 2,000 customers, include many businesses.

St. George power outage affects over 2,000 customers | St George News

ST. GEORGE — A power failure early Sunday morning left a wide swath of the west side of St. George without power, including residences, businesses, restaurants and hotels. At 6:35 a.m. the area east…
A power cut in Cleethorpes affected businesses and homes. The power cuts had been caused by a problem on the electricity network that supplies the area. This could be because of a fire.

Power cut in Cleethorpes may have been caused by a fire

A power cut which caused disruption to 640 houses and businesses in Cleethorpes this afternoon may have been caused by a fire. The power cut led to homes and businesses being affected with some...
1,735 properties across Preston UK were left without power on Sunday evening. There were reports of power cut in the Blackpool Road area of Lea and Ashton.

Power cut affects hundreds of Preston homes

Hundreds of homes across Preston were left without power on Sunday evening. They apologised to residents and said a team was due to be on site as soon as possible to restore supplies, after a fault had caused the outage.
Dozens of homes in Braintree, Essex, UK were without power after a car smashed into an electricity pole.

Dozens of homes without power after car smashes into electricity pole

PARTS of Braintree are suffering power cuts this morning after a crash on Cressing Road has resulting in power lines being destroyed.
Who said that power cuts in the UK are rare? Third power cut in Haverhill followed two outages on November 8 and 9. It was a fault on an an underground electricity cable, but a temporary provided generator has failed too! Residents have reported their frustration on social media.

Third power cut this month hits 1,165 Haverhill homes

The outage, which started last night and continued into this morning, followed two outages that affected hundreds on November 8 and 9
Vandals cut power at Edison High, killing fish in class lab. This case shows how important to be notified about power outages promptly.

Vandals cut power at Edison High, killing fish in class lab

HUNTINGTON BEACH – Students and staff at Edison High School were stunned to discover that about 60 white sea bass that had been raised in the school’s Innovation Lab died after vandals cut power to…
A cat stuck up a power pole resulted in power being cut off in Ashburton, New Zealand. The cat found itself sitting along side live wires, with 11,000 volts running through them...

Cat causes power outage

A cat was behind a power outage in the Ashburton suburb of Tinwald on Wednesday night.
About 9,000 were hit by power cut in Bradford, UK. The power was cut off in Shay Brow, Bingley, Shipley and Heaton because of a problem with one of its underground cables which supplies the area.

UPDATE: More than 8,600 properties affected by power cut

AROUND 770 properties have been affected by a power cut in some areas in Bradford this morning.
MSN report on a massive Black Friday blackout in London.

Power cut plunges West End landmarks into darkness

The famous advertising display at Piccadilly Circus fizzled out.
Power cuts in the UK apart from blackout in London on last week: Worcester ...

#Powercuts in the UK apart from #blackout in London on last week: #Worcester -…

#Powercuts in the UK apart from #blackout in London on last week: #Worcester - the cause is not known… - iSocket - Google+