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South Australians are seriously angry about regular power outages. A fourth prolonged blackout on the peninsula left almost 6000 people without electricity. The outage caused temperatures soared to 39C on Xmas period. Some were forced to throw out food from their freezers.

Another blackout in SA

Almost 6000 people on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula have endured a third day of blackouts after lightning struck a high-­voltage power line on December 23, cutting supply to homes and businesses…
Power outages in Michingan - the Leslie outage caused by trees, the Parma outage was caused by equipment failure. High winds caused thousands to lose power in mid-Michigan.

Power to be restored for more than 350 in Jackson area Tuesday

Power outages near Leslie Township and Parma Township left hundreds without power Tuesday morning.
Another innocent squirrel to blame for a power outage - at Taylor County Sheriff's Office.

Power out at Taylor County Sherif's Office, 911 Still Working

From the Taylor County Sheriffs Office:
There was a power cut in the area earlier, but power has now returned.

Power cut and Worcester road closed due to fire

A FIRE at an electric substation has led police to close the road from Lowesmoor Terrace to Rainbow Hill.
No power, no cake - power cut in Inverurie, UK.

Hundreds of homes in north-east hit by Christmas Day power cut | Press and Journal

Hundreds of homes in a north-east town have been hit by a power cut on Christmas Day. As families in Inverurie were putting the finishing touches on their festive meals the lights went out in more…
Hydro outage in Winnipeg, Canada caused by a snowplow that hit a transformer pole behind a grocery store on Pembina Highway. The power outage impacted people in Crestview, Westwood, Unicity and outside the city in Headingley, Manioba.

Several thousand without power in Winnipeg, Headingley, Man.

Several thousand customers are without power in Winnipeg and Headingley, Man.
Several people in Catterick Garrison reported hearing a loud bank before their electricity went off. Hundreds of homes expierenced a power cut due to unplanned fault on its overhead network caused by the high winds in the area.

Hundreds of Catterick Garrison homes lose power on Christmas Day - Richmondshire Today

Facebook Twitter Google+ Hundreds of homes were left without electricity yesterday following a power cut in Catterick Garrison. Husband, father and life-long Richmondshire resident. Former North-East…
Report on the regular power loss in South Australia.

BHP’s Olympic Dam “blackout”: AEMO says it didn’t happen

Newspapers, politicians and BHP used “blackout” at Olympic Dam as another launch pad against renewables. But the blackout didn’t happen, market operator says.
This report describes the South Australia blackout. Three major transmission lines north of Adelaide were failed and this caused system instability with "significant voltage dips and loss of load".

Blackout happened in “less than half a second”.

THE South Australia blackout was sparked after a severe storm caused wind power to disconnect from the electricity network, a new report has found.