Welcome to CECO HOME in Amsterdam!

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iSocket Systems have introduced several new products and services and received a good deal of recognition in the last six months. The most exciting project is the CECO HOME ecosystem that received its first award from the Thread Group in November 2015. We plan to demonstrate this project to you at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam 26-27 May 2016.

We will show you a demo of a few hardware components of our new ecosystems - iSocket 3G and CECO MODULE - and will explain how you can build your own solutions for power monitoring, for security monitoring, and for home automation for your customers around these products.

We will also tell you how CECO ecosystem can be used for healthcare monitoring, people activity monitoring, power consumption monitoring and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the future.

The major benefits of CECO ecosystem is that it can operate regardless of the availability of Wi-Fi connection, because it uses cellular technology for connection to the Internet. For some industrial applications this is especially important, because big factory areas cannot be covered efficiently by Wi-Fi. The use of Wi-Fi also adds a weak link to security, while cellular technology gives an extra layer of security.

While some hardware and software solutions are on roadmap, some components of this new ecosystem – e.g. iSocket 3G – already solve such problems and power loss monitoring now. We have also built a service around this product – My Power Guru - for power outage monitoring for businesses with several locations. You can build your own services using our products and ecosystem with Open API.

We will continue developing things that excite you. Welcome to beautiful Amsterdam to talk about them. iSocket Systems will showcase on May 26th at booth number 18, Exhibition Hall 1. 



5.0 (based on 10 reviews)

iSocket for power outages monitoring in the United States and Canada

 I just received my unit. I plugged it in and it JUST WORKS! Did a test and was notified just as expected. Great product!!!

 I just received my unit. I plugged it in and it JUST WORKS! Did a test and was notified just as expected. Great product!!!

5.0 By from USA

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.