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This article is a good example of how much trouble our customers and our support have had with SIM cards. This is the main reason why we are introducing the hassle-free Plug-and-Go iSocket technology in 2021.

One of our customers reported that she had a problem sending a message to her iSocket fitted with a Truphone SIM from her Verizon phone. We tried to investigate the problem with Truphone, but they were unable to help. It turned out that we know more about the cause of the problem than their support does, but they’re just too big a company to care and accept our explanation.

The root of the problem is that Verizon sometimes (it was actually only twice out of some hundred) considers Truphone’s SIM numbers to be landline numbers. As soon as Verizon sees a landline number it wants to charge you extra for a message to a “landline” number. You will see the following reply from Verizon: "317XXX is a landline #. Reply Y to send all TXT messages to this # as voice messages for 0.25/msg. + std msg fee. Details @ TexttoLandline"

This problem is neither Verizon’s nor iSocket’s, but Truphone’s. They connect a phone number to their SIM card and for some reason this number is treated as a landline.

If you experience this bug, just ask Truphone to change your SIM and/or its phone number to another one (it would be better to change the number). This should help.

Note that this only happened twice. It may never happen to you. A lot of our customers with Verizon phones use Truphone SIMs in their iSocket without any problems.

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iSocket for power outages monitoring in the United States and Canada

 I just received my unit. I plugged it in and it JUST WORKS! Did a test and was notified just as expected. Great product!!!

 I just received my unit. I plugged it in and it JUST WORKS! Did a test and was notified just as expected. Great product!!!

5.0 By from USA

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