WANTED: iSocket. Fugitive From Finland Is Sought In Spain!

Fugitive from Finland is sought in Spain - iSocket

As we told you earlier, we lost iSocket 3G, because it didn’t like the cold Finnish winter. And where do you think we found it? Spain! But it wasn’t wandering about looking sad and forlorn as we thought. Quite the opposite – it’s happy and moreover it’s teasing us and trying to escape again!

Sure, weather conditions are better here in Spain. On Saturday we saw it in the capital - Madrid. Just take a look at this – iSocket loves the sun.
iSocket loves sun 
People stop and stare and wonder what it’s doing here…
People stop looking at iSocket
 Who is this nice guy?

But we already knew iSocket likes Spain because it has a lot of users here. They use iSocket for remote heating control in the winter time and remote cooling control in the Summer. Winter here is not that severe and some homes don’t have a permanent heating system. That’s why they use iSocket to start, for example, convention heating panels. Remotely - just when they need it. 

iSocket flew over their rooftops…
iSocket flew over Madrid

iSocket flew over rooftops Madrid

Once – on The Plaza Mayor  – iSocket met another man also dressed in white, but for some reason this man was headless.
Headless man dressed same white as iSocket

It took part in a movie shoot on the street…
Movie shoot Madrid

With Spanish stars…Madrid, Spain

But when it decided to break in to the Royal Palace, that was a big mistake…
iSocket is trying to break in to the Royal Palace Madrid

The policy started a search…
Police discussing plans

“How could such a little gadget slip away from us?” - a policeman asked his colleague.
How this small guy slip away from us?

The police are all around...
The police are all around

Mounted police…
Police Madrid

Crowd help searching...
Let's help

And they even used a helicopter…
Police helicopter Madrid

But iSocket is a very Smart Plug – it knows how to handle a crisis…

While the police officers are discussing their plans, it stands in front of them – taunting them.
iSocket is a very Smart Plug to know how to handle problems

Fortunately we know where it’s heading. iSocket is a mobile gadget and it will definitely be going to Barcelona to the Mobile World Congress. We will be looking for it there.

To be continued…



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 From ordering to installing, everything went smoothly and gently. What an easy way to set up!

5.0 By from Belgium

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