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BEMC says the outage affected about 50,800 (!) customers shortly after midnight. BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC, USA.

Woods fire blamed for large power outage overnight - WWAY TV3

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (BEMC) says a woods fire near Bolivia led to a large-scale power outage overnight in Brunswick and Columbus counties.
More power outages to expect in Lagos, Nigeria.

More power outage coming as Eko, Ikeja DISCOs receive less megawatts - Vanguard News

INDICATION emerged yesterday that the erratic electricity supply in Lagos might worsen following alarm by both Eko Electricity Distribution Company, Eko DISCO and Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company,...
A private company was cutting trees about 200 yards off a roadway when one fell onto a very large, high voltage line and cut the power to 16,000 customers! The accident happened between Greensboro and Asheboro, North Carolina, USA. Image credit @leannebanks

Power restored after trees cause outage

16,000 customers were affected.
The transformer oil leak was the result of a truck backing into the transformer. The crash caused about 100 and 150 gallons of transformer oil to spill. Power was cut for safety reasons.

Oil leak prompts power shut off in shopping plaza near New Castle

Emergency crews have shut off the power at Beaver Brook Plaza Shopping Center due to a transformer leaking oil midday Wednesday, according to emergency dispatchers.
Altoona power outage problem still not resolved!

Downtown Altoona power outage update

Most residents have their power restored in Downtown Altoona, but 12th Ave. will remain closed through today.
Alttona power outage, road closed, Mayor tells about "the age of the infrastructure underground". blackout occurred in Sunday evening, but the problem still not resolved. Manhole covers started to blow and pop up into the air in downtown Altoona due to all the heat building up underground. VIDEO report.

Power outage latest update

Update 8:50 p.m.: Some power will not be restored until Wednesday.
Power outage in South Abilene, Texas, USA. Traffic lights near this transformer were not working, and created a hazard for drivers.

POWER OUTAGE - Customers in South Abilene Affected

A blown transformer has caused a power outage for around 1,100 customers in south Abilene.
A suspected drunk driver caused #blackout. Help to find. The suspect vehicle, identified as a black Chevrolet Tahoe, should have some damage to it. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP. Frenso, California, USA. "This is not the first time someone has ran into the transformer, and knocked out power" - said business owners in the area.

Suspected Drunk Driver Caused Power Outage

Tuesday was a rough day for some residents and businesses in the area of Palm and Nees, as Police say a hit and run driver caused a power outage in the area.
Power outage in sport :)

Albom: Power outage has Detroit Red Wings facing elimination

The Red Wings' couldn't get their power play going in their 3-2 Game 4 loss, and they better stop Tampa Bay's before it's too late
Again balloons caused a power cut. The utility said it has stepped up its efforts to educate people about the dangers posed by foil and latex helium-filled balloons, which can wrap around power lines and cause short circuits. Santa Clara, California, USA.

Santa Clara: Helium-filled balloons blamed for power outage

Loose helium balloons caused a power outage Tuesday afternoon that affected 2,200 customers and darkened traffic lights at several intersections in the northeast part of the city, according to Silicon Valley Power.