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Power cuts in Auckland suburb of Ellerslie after a car hit a power pole. No one was injured but the power pole was down.

Power cut in Auckland suburb of Ellerslie after car crash

About 1800 properties are without power.
Hydro outage in Owen Sound’s east side, Canada is expected. A spokesmen for the utility company was not able to describe specifically the area of the outage but referred to the outage map.

Power outage Sunday in part of city

Power will be out for about four hours Sunday morning for 404 Hydro One customers on Owen Sound’s east side, roughly in the area of Owen Sound hospital.
Power cut in Eastleigh, UK puts 1300 homes to dark. Local entrepreneurs tell that such outages "really cut into our business". Utility says it's a "fault" on their main network is causing power cuts.

Power cut affecting 1,300 homes in Eastleigh

EASTLEIGH residents are facing power cuts this morning.
Australian utility company warns about doing excavation works near electricity cables after a power cut.

Ausgrid on Twitter

“SAFETY ALERT: Always Dial Before You Dig. Power to 100 customers including #Gosford Hospital was interrupted this week after an excavator hit an underground cable. If you're working near the electricity network plan your job safely at https://t.co/a0TQ84y13X #SafetyFirst”
People react on London blackout differently.

West End plunged into darkness as central London hit by huge power cut

London’s West End was plunged into darkness for several hours amid a huge power cut. The blackout struck at about 6pm on Sunday, with theatre-goers reportedly forced to wait as major shows could not go on without power. A large area in the heart of London, including a vast swathe of Soho, Piccadil...
This power outage will be compensated! Victoria heat blackouts in January caused prolonged outages to thousands homes. About 50,000 will be compensated.

Thousands of Victorians to get 'unprecedented' compensation over power outage

Those who lost power due to extreme heat on 28 January will get between $80 and $180
A huge blackout in Exmouth, UK. The power cut to 19,000 homes was caused by a cable fault near Littleham Cross. Many were scared since they never experienced a power cut before. During another outage 546 homes also lost their power in Honiton.

Massive power cut affects 19,000 homes in Exmouth

Exmouth was plunged into darkness last night as a huge power cut affected more than 19,000 homes in the area for at least an hour.


Some more information about Sunday blackouts in Australia that led to power cuts for more than 90,000 homes and businesses. The electricity distribution infrastructure melt down at a local level, as circuits overloaded and fuses automatically tripped to prevent power surges that can damage network assets and even equipment in people's homes.
A moving truck accident causes electric service outage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The power failure from downed power lines left dozens of homeowners without power.

Electric service outage from downed power lines | Tulsa's 24-Hour News, Weather and Traffic

We're told the truck had become caught on the power lines, causing sparks that started the grass fire.
Crash causes power outage in Grandville, Michigan. The outage affected about 2,382 customers.

Crash causes power outage in Kent County

More than 2,000 people are without power in Kent County after a crash Monday morning.