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People in Hull thought they had run out of electricity on their metres, rather than it being a power cut. So rare power cuts or?

Recap as power cut hits 970 homes across Hull

Almost 1,000 homes are without electricity after a major cut in Hull this afternoon. The outage was first reported just after 1pm today and has hit 970 properties, mainly in west Hull. ...
Power cuts in rural areas in the UK affect small businesses. Utilities will not compensate damage caused by outages unless the power was off for 12 hours or more according to Ofgem. This gives a room for utilities as they may neglect to invest to infrustructure of their power grip in regions. Business owners are not agree: “Rural areas need to have the same infrastructure of electricity as that of towns as small villages are suffering on a regular basis without the impact of bad weather.”

'Power cuts are ruining our business' say Ruthin couple running rural pub

Paul Henri and Debbie Wilson-Henri, of the Three Pigeons Inn, Graigfechan lost custom when a power cable came down
Power cut to 500 homes in Colchester on Sunday morning due to a fault on an underground cable - one of the most common reasons of power cuts in the UK.

POWER was cut to more than 500 homes in Colchester on Sunday morning

UK Power Networks engineers restored supply to the majority of customers by 6.05am, with mobile generators being sent to restore the four properties still without power on Sunday morning
Power outage in Santa Barbara, California: 4,000 people were without power. Smoke was seen coming from a power pole and part of the pole had snapped and was dangling near the ground.

Power outage afftects 4,000 on South Coast

SoCal Edison originally estimated power would be restored by 9:30 a.m. for residents in the 93111 zip code. That estimation was pushed back pushed back to around 11:30 a.m. That outage affected more than 1,100 customers.
Power has now been restored to homes affected by Storm Doris in the UK. Power cut affected 231,900 customers. The network received 31,000 calls from customers about power cuts.

Power restored to properties affected by Storm Doris

Some 96pc of supplies were restored by the following morning, with “all but a few isolated cases” fixed by yesterday and engineers undertaking nearly four weeks worth of work in one day.
Power outages to 5,000 in South Berkeley and North Oakland on Saturday night. Some tweets suggested that there were brownouts.

More than 5,000 affected by power outage in South Berkeley

More than 5,000 customers in South Berkeley and North Oakland were affected by a power outage on Saturday night.
About 89,000 people in New Zealand were affected by a power cut, which also affected traffic lights. Smoke or flames from the Christchurch fires.

Much of Christchurch without power for half an hour due to Port Hills fire

All customers now have power restored as it has been rerouted through the rest of the Orion network. The Transpower 220KV line tripped, causing the power cut, an Orion spokesperson said. Orion said the supply "remains fragile however, due to the continuing fire threat".
So, power outages problems in Australia again? In a stunning revelation a report concludes that the most likely explanation for this loss of power was a human error - a technician leaving a switch in a wrong position! Almost 90,000 homes and businesses were blacked out.

Bungle blacked out 60,000 extra homes in heatwave

SOUTH Australia’s power distributor has made an embarrassing apology after it admitted a bungle cut electricity to 60,000 customers who shouldn’t have lost power during the blackout in last week’s…
A power cut hits Ventnor and people ask why are there so many power cuts on the island.

POWER CUT AFFECTS HOMES AND BUSINESSES IN VENTNOR - Island Echo - 24hr news, 7 days a week across the Isle of Wight

UPDATED: A power cut is affecting properties in the PO38 1 area of Ventnor this evening (Tuesday). Electricity supply was lost at 17:37, resulting in 128 postcode areas being plunged into darkness.…
iSocket Systems announced today that their power cut monitoring service is ready to accept big customers for serious real time power monitoring projects.

iSocket Power Cut Monitoring Service Ready For A Big Load

Press-release iSocket Systems UK announced today that their power cut monitoring service is ready to accept big customers for serious real time power monitoring projects. In 2015 iSocket Systems...