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A collision in Lakeside caused power outage and injures.

Injuries, power outage in Wildcat Canyon Rd crash

A collision Tuesday morning closed Wildcat Canyon Road, where downed power lines started a fire, one vehicle flipped upside down and another went down a slope, the California Highway Patrol said.
A fault on their overhead network caused a power cut in Worcester, UK according to Western Power Distribution. About 2,000 homes between Claines and Warndon were affected.

UPDATE: Power cut in Worcester

A POWER cut in Worcester has affected more than 2,000 homes this morning.
Power cut in Hull, UK caused by a problem with an underground power cable.

Power cut affects hundreds of homes in Hull

POWER has been restored in hundreds of homes after an earlier power cut. The incident in the HU1 and HU3 post code areas of Hull was reported to Northern Powergrid at about 4.29pm. It was caused...
A circuit lockout on the north side of Indianapolis caused power outage to 2,500 customers in Broad Ripple.

Power outage affects 2,500 near Broad Ripple

Approximately 2,500 IPL customers were left without power Monday night following an apparent power surge on the north side of Indianapolis.
A male driver fell asleep at the wheel and went into a ditch, striking a utility pole, causing power cut.

Collision with pole leads to power outage south of Newton

By Newton Daily News — Published: Sunday, June 12, 2016 1:00 p.m. CDT Updated: Monday, June 13, 2016 12:37 p.m. CDT
This is ridiculous! Snakes cause power outages in Greenville, South Carolina for 3rd time in a month.

Snakes cause power outages in SC for 3rd time in a month

Power was quickly restored Saturday after a snake caused the outage for Duke power customers near the county line between Greenville and Spartanburg counties.
Hydro outage in Ontario, Canada - about 6,000 customers affected. Boil Water alert issued.

Power outage in Kincardine

Hydro One is saying over 3,500 people are without power Sunday, June 12, 2016, due to a power outage.
No power, no fun - there was a partial power outage in Kings Dominion, Doswell.

Riders stranded at Kings Dominion: ‘We are stuck on the Anaconda’

Social media posts show people stranded on numerous rides at the amusement park.
The source of a power cut in Sioux City is a bad underground cable.

Power outage affects downtown Sioux City

SIOUX CITY | Crews from MidAmerican Energy investigated a power outage in downtown Sioux City Saturday evening that affected a series of buildings and a handful of traffic signals.
More than 7,000 total were without power in Greer, because a snake caused power cut.

Power outage caused by a snake

A snake caused a power outage in Greer, per Greer CPW's Twitter account.