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Several guns found in a truck that crashed into a power pole in the area of Washington Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard and caused power outage.

Crash causes power outage

Power is out in the area of Washington Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard after a truck crashed into a power pole around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday.
Fail-safe systems ensure continued operation when a primary system fails and are crucial to success in all IT systems, particularly concerning security protocol.

What A Super Bowl Power Outage Teaches Us About Backup And Security

Super Bowl XLVII may be known as the 'Blackout Bowl,' but it's actually a great example of backup and redundant systems.
3 craches, 1 power pole done, 1300 customers without electricity - power outage in Aiken, SC

Crashes Cause Power Outage In Aiken

Some Aiken residents are without power after crashes on Richland Avenue.

Power outages can occur anytime

#PowerOUTAGE inforgraphic by Victoria State Government, Australia
One tree can cut the power to 75 customers - a small power outage this time

Tree causes power outage - Elkin Tribune - elkintribune.com

Power crews work to restore power on Oakland Drive in Elkin Tuesday morning after a tree fell, blocking both lanes of traffic and causing the tow...
An osprey nest wasn't a reason of a power outage in Marstons Mills. The fire on the pole was likely caused by some tree branches coming in contact with electrical equipment.

Marstons Mills osprey nest fire, power outage not related

An osprey nest that caught fire this morning on a pole on Route 149 and a power outage in that area at that same time were not related, according to an
Power outage in Dunes West (SC, USA) to over 1000 customers was due to an equipment issue.

SCE&G: Power restored in Dunes West after morning outage

Customers in Dunes West in Mount Pleasant have their power restored after South Carolina Electric and Gas Company reported a power outage that affected over 1,000 customers on Tuesday morning.
More than 300 customers were still without power early Tuesday morning due to what PG&E is calling damage to an underground power cable.

Power outages affected more than 2,800 customers in Bakersfield

Several power outages affected about 2,800 customers in northwest and southwest Bakersfield starting around 8:30 p.m. Monday, May 2. By 10:30 p.m. the outages were still affecting more than 670 customers.More...
Representative said that the string of power outages isn’t necessarily a sign of power problems to come as summer’s heat approaches. But they are not sure, they will continue their research.

Power back on in Fargo after cable fault causes 2nd outage in...

FARGO - An electrical cable fault was to blame for the second power outage in as many days to affect hundreds in the center of Fargo.
A problem was detected in the Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) and it was scheduled for replacement Wednesday. The UPS is a battery-powered system that prevents the power flickers that occur when switching from the primary power system to emergency generators.

Power outage disrupts 911

A power issue in the backup 911 servers at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office caused a temporary interruption of administrative calls and radio systems Friday, 911 Director Rick Dzik reported, but 911...