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What gamblers think when power cut the whole casino. Was it Danny Ocean or a new way how not to pay the prize? ;) VIDEO report

Power outage on the Las Vegas Strip brings one movie to mind among gamblers

It was lights out Wednesday for a major Las Vegas Strip casino. After a short power outage, the lights were back on at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.The guests and gamblers who were left in the dark...
Power cut in San Luis, New Mexico, USA cut the water supply.

Power outage leaves residents without running water for days

According to Joey Dominguez, president of the San Luis Cabezon Mutual Domestic Consumer Water Association, a power outage on Sunday caused the pumps to the water system to go out.
Power outage in Elkhart, Indiana, USA caused by an electric transformers atop poles malfunctioning.

Power outage affects 1,030 I&M customers in north Elkhart

The Elkhart Fire Department responded to reports of transformers malfunctioning near the Steak N Shake on Cassopolis Street
Power outage in Red Bank was caused by equipment damage.

Red Bank power outage affects 500 customers

JCP&L reports up to 500 customers affected
Most power outages in USA are caused by animals. This is another example - one raccoon caused power outage to nearly 40,000 people in Seattle. VIDEO report.

Raccoon knocks out power to nearly 39,000 in Seattle

Seattle City Light says a raccoon is responsible for a massive power outage that stretches from Fremont and Ballard to Magnolia.
A brief power outage shut off the lights for roughly 2,500 Colorado Springs Utilities customers.

About 2,500 Colorado Springs customers lost power in brief outage

A brief power outage shut off the lights for roughly 2,500 Colorado Springs Utilities customers near the Stetson Hills neighborhood on Wednesday. The outage was reported shortly before 7 a.m., and crews...
3 Lockport schools are closed due to power outage.

Niagara County power outage closes 3 Lockport schools

Following the Niagara County outage, around 59 Erie County customers lost power. It has yet to be restored.
Another utility pole crashed by a truck - power cut was minor, Lexington, KY USA

Late-night crash knocks out power in Lexington neighborhood

Lexington Police say a portion of Liberty Road has reopened after being shutdown for several hours.
6 power outages in 3-weeks - it's become really annoying for customers and Xcel want to re-examine everything again.

After another power outage, Xcel Energy shows it's in the middle...

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - That's 6 power outages in 3-weeks for Xcel Energy. It happened near the busy 25th street and 1st Avenue North intersection. 1,300 people were impacted. Tuesday, Xcel energy showed...
The cause of power outage to 9,000 customers in Fort Payane, Alabama was stemmed from a crossarm that broke and fell on a feeder line going to a substation.

Power outage impacts large portion of Fort Payne, problem fixed

FORT PAYNE, Ala. – Much of Fort Payne was impacted by a power outage this afternoon. It went out after 3 p.m. and included much of the city and Lookout Mountain. The Fort Payne Improvement A…