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Probably an explosion caused this power cut.

Power outage darkens 1,800 customers near Pomme de Terre Lake

The customers of Southwest Electric Cooperative lost power late Monday evening. According to an outage map, most of the outages are just west of Pomme de Terre Lake in Hickory County
An emergency crews had to respond to an overhead powerline that was about to come down.

UPDATE: Power restored to all customers affected by Midtown outage

A power outage in Midtown is affecting about 200 customers near Arctic Boulevard, Fireweed Lane, Northern Lights Boulevard and Blueberry Road, according to Municipal Light and Power.
Snakes were to blame for power cut – one died, one survived.

Snakes caused power outage in Rock Hill

A pair of black snakes were to blame for Friday’s temporary power outage in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
Almost every day someone hits utility poles and cause power outages, this time it was a 35-year-old drunken driver.

Police: Drunken driver struck utility pole, caused weekend power outage The Westerly Sun

The Westerly Sun is a local print and digital daily newspaper covering all local news, sports and community events in the Southern Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut area
Power outage in Clinton, Mississippi to nearly 2,000 customers caused by a car crashed to a power pole.

Car hits pole in Clinton causing power outage

We have contacted the power company to determine the cause, but have not yet heard back.
Power cut in Omaha, Nebraska because of a circuit lockout.

OPPD: Circuit lockout caused power outage in North Central Omaha

OPPD officials said on Monday that about 1737 people are without power in parts of Omaha.
We missed to report this power cut in Dublin.

Almost 2,000 homes and businesses left in the dark in Temple Bar power cut

Homes and businesses from Fleet Street down to Christ Church were affected.
Power cut in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, UK. The cause is not identified yet.

450 North-east properties hit by power cut - Evening Express

Around 450 properties have been left without power this morning after a failure. The outage has affected the Banchory area and was reported to SSE just before 9.30am. SSE confirmed the failure has...
"The impact of the crash sheared the power pole, and multiple live power lines covered the vehicle, delaying the motorist’s rescue".

Motorist injured in crash that takes out power pole, results in outage near Cottage Grove

COTTAGE GROVE — Oregon State Police are investigating a car crash that sent one person to the hospital and caused a power outage after the motorist struck a power pole on Sunday afternoon, authorities said. The motorist, who was not immediately identified, was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center at...
A power pole fire was caused by an equipment malfunction linked to a broken insulator on the pole - power outage in Brownsville.

Power outage impacts Sweet Home, Brownsville areas

A power outage impacted nearly 2,000 customers in the Brownsville, Crawfordsville and Sweet Home areas on Sunday morning, according to Pacific Power.