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Power outage in Montana is not something they usually expect. “It’s pretty uncommon for us to have a whole city the size of Bozeman out pretty much all at once,” said Butch Larcombe, NorthWestern Energy spokesman.

Storm causes power outage across Bozeman

A spring snow storm has caused a power outage across Bozeman, affecting more than 30,000 customers, according to NorthWestern Energy.
Power outage in Atlantic City caused by a crane that had been working on a construction and struck a power line.

Widespread power outage in Atlantic City

Over 2,000 Atlantic City residents are out of power as of 10:24 a.m on Tuesday, according to data provided by Atlantic City Electric.
Power cut in Auckland, New Zealand disrupts traffic lights.

Auckland drivers urged to show care after power outage disrupts traffic lights

Drivers in Auckland are being warned to show caution after a power outage shut down traffic lights near the central city.
A huge power outage in Rexburg, Idaho was caused by an insulator on a transformer that failed at a substation.

Power Cut in Upper Valley

According to Rocky Mountain Power, power is restored to all customers in the Rexburg, Rigby, St. Anthony and Ashton area.
It's not the first time when snakes are blamed for power outages.

Snake causes power outage in Staunton

More than 2,800 customers without power Monday night.
Power outage in Idaho was because an insulator began to arc, which could have been caused by wind, debris, or equipment failure.

UPDATE: Power restored across east Idaho - East Idaho News

An arcing power pole on 2nd West in Rexburg. | Photo by Daric Hepworth UPDATE: Officials report power has been restored across east Idaho. If customers are without power they can call Rocky Mountain Power...
Power outages in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Ohio was a result of multiple out-of-state fiber cuts by one of Cox's service providers.

Cox Communications Restores Power After Hours-Long Outage

Cox Communications has restored its power after an hours-long outage on Monday.
Power outage hit Hawaii on a busy day.

Busy retail areas in Ala Moana, McCully affected by power outage

Hawaiian Electric says approximately 100 customers were affected.
Smoke was reported coming from two building in Camarillo minutes after a power cut was reported. The power outage may have disrupted ventilation systems in both buildings.

Reports of structure fires in Camarillo as power outage hits area

More than 2,200 people were left in the dark after a power outage in Camarillo on Monday morning.
Another squirrel causes power cut.