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Power cut because of computer peoblems.

Computer glitch caused power outage, delays on BART Wednesday morning

A computer error in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system's operations control center caused systemwide delays Wednesday morning, a BART spokesman said. The outage occurred at 10:24 a.
They don't agree they had long power outage.

K-Electric denies claims of 18-hour power outage at JPMC

KARACHI: K-Electric has issued a statement on Wednesday categorically denying claims being made of an 18-hour outage at JPMC. While putting the fact on ground that K Electric and JPMC are both good organizations...
No power - go home.

Power outage disrupts classes at Okeechobee High

Students who drive have been released. Bus riders, walkers still at school.
Don't touch downed wires - reminds from WPS.

Power outage in Wausau, Marathon

More than 2,000 people are without power in Marathon County.
Alerts about power outages should not be false! JCPL apologized for false power cut alerts to their customers.

JCPL Text False About Power Outage

Did you get a text from JCPL that there would be a power outage? That alert was false and should not have been sent, the company says.
As a reminder to not let mylar foil balloons go by power lines - they cause power outages.

UPDATE: Power restored in part of Kanawha Co. after mylar balloon incident

According to the AEP website, 155 customers had been affected by the power cut.
Interesting that one power pole can affect to 17,000 customers - another one power outage in California.

SMUD completely restores power to Elk Grove customers

SMUD crews have completely restored power to customers in Elk Grove after a car crashed into a pole.
When power fails, policy take care about traffic.

Power outage hits Route 114 corridor

NORTH ANDOVER — More than 800 customers were without electricity in parts of Andover, North Andover and Lawrence Tuesday afternoon, according to National Grid.
Officials are warning everyone to keep metallic balloons attached to a weight to avoid future power outages, especially during graduation season.

Metal balloon triggers power outage on Maui

The balloon got tangled up in some power lines, creating a short circuit that cut power to roughly 3,400 customers along North and South Kihei Road.
After a power cut near Pomme de Terre Lake when someone decided there was an explosion, a crew explained: "It's very possible they heard a loud noise. Sometimes when a fuse or breaker fails, it can cause a loud booming noise. This should not be confused with something physically exploding".

Power outage darkens 1,800 customers near Pomme de Terre Lake

The customers of Southwest Electric Cooperative lost power late Monday evening. According to an outage map, most of the outages are just west of Pomme de Terre Lake in Hickory County