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Power outage left 60,000 households without electricity in Perth, Australia.

Wild weather leaves trail of destruction

IT struck before dawn, lashing Perth and the South-West with wild winds and drenching downpours that left a trail of destruction from the sea to the suburbs.
Police requested extra units at the scene at 6:16 p.m. after one of the vehicles crashed into a utility pole, causing sparks to fly into the street and power cut to many customers.

DUI crash causes power outage, 41st Street closure

A power outage in south central Sioux Falls caused traffic lights to fail and traffic to congest west of Minnesota Avenue on Friday night after a vehicle crashed into a utility pole at 41st Street and...
BVU experienced an electrical event along Lee Highway between Bonham Road and Old Dominion Road. The event triggered a power outage. The system equipment functioned as designed to protect the system from greater damage.

UPDATE: Power restored in the Exit 7 area of Bristol, Virginia

UPDATE 6:15 pm: Power has been restored in the Exit 7 area of Bristol, Virginia.
Power outage in Tulsa.

Power Restored To Tulsa's Brookside Area After Outage

Public Service Company of Oklahoma crews have restored power to some Tulsa customers Friday afternoon.

No power, no classes. Power cut.

School at Alta High cancelled following power outage

(KUTV) School has been cancelled for Alta High Students after a generator blew out Friday morning.According to a Facebook post from Canyons School District, the power has been out at the building since...
A graduation in the dark - don't use balloons to avoid power outages.

This Graduation Was Lit Entirely By Cell Phones After A Power Outage

“Thank god for cell phones,” said a principal for the first time in history.
Power cut in downtown Roanoke: “There was a pretty loud explosion and basically there was smoke everywhere. Our mechanical duct bank is fed through that and the smoke started infiltrating our building”

AEP: Power restored in downtown Roanoke after Thursday’s outage

Roanoke Fire-EMS responded to reports of smoke in an underground manhole in downtown Roanoke on Thursday afternoon. AEP has not confirmed if a fire actually happened.
Power outages in Kalispell are all for different reasons: a tree onto a power line, problems with a transformer, an osprey had built a nest on one of the main lines.

Power outage hit the Flathead

Several power outages hit across the Flathead early Thursday morning were all caused by separate issues.
Of course power outages upset people. Australia.

ActewAGL slammed for short notice of Kingston power outage

ActewAGL maintenance forces Kingston physiotherapist to close its doors for a day.
A broken insulator on a power line caused power outages in Kahala, Hawaii.

Power outage hits Kahala, Kaneohe | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Power outages affected about 1,000 customers in the Kahala area, including the Kahala Mall, and 1,650 customers in Kaneohe this afternoon.