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Power cut because of a truck that caught a low hanging power line, causing a pole to fall over on top of the truck.

Semi Accident Causes Power Outage in South Zanesville | WHIZ News

More than 800 American Electric Power customers are without service in the South Zanesville area following a semi truck accident Monday afternoon.
He is serious about compensations for power cuts. India.
Power failure because of a blown fuse.

Power is restored to some buildings at Creighton after blown fuse causes outages

A blown fuse was responsible for power outages Monday across the Creighton University campus, an Omaha Public Power District spokeswoman said.
Almost 10,000 affected by Delaware power outages.

Power outage in Fenwick, OC knocks out traffic ligthts

A power outage in Fenwick Island left traffic signals dark Monday around 8:30 a.m.
Power outage to 1700 homes in Auckland, New Zealand.

Power outage affects hundreds

More than 1700 homes are without power in Auckland.
Hydro outage in Montreal, Canada.

Power restored in most of Plateau-Mont-Royal after outage

Service has been restored to most of the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough after a power outage left 2,300 homes without electricity.
Power cut in Larkspur, USA.

Nearly 2K customers affected by power outage in Larkspur

LARKSPUR (KRON) — Over 1,900 customers are affected Sunday morning in Larkspur due to a power outage. PG&E is en route to investigate the cause. Due to the outage, traffic control devices…
A dump truck hit an utility pole causing a power outage.

Power outage in Coal Valley

172 MidAmerican customers in Coal Valley are without power after a dump truck hit a utility pole.
The cause of a power cut on Ithaca' Northside was unknown early Saturday morning. Addy speculated that it could be an animal or a problem with one of three transformers on the pole across from 407 Second Street.

Power outage on Ithaca's Northside

Power went out on Ithaca' Northside after an explosion about 7:45 Saturday morning.
Improvements on a power grid to avoid power outages. According to Ameren, the substation distributes the energy from power plants. The IntelliRupter can detect trouble and automatically adjusts to reduce outages and restore power. The power is transferred to a transformer, which sends the power to homes and businesses.

Ameren upgrades power equipment to reduce outage times

HERRIN — New technology from Ameren Illinois is helping customers keep the lights on during storms and other emergencies.