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A power cut in Didsbury was due to a potentially dangerous cable that needed replacing. Electricity Northwest said power was off for around 30 minutes while work was done to repair the cable.

Major power cut due to 'potentially dangerous' cable affects homes and shops in Didsbury

More than 300 homes and businesses were left without electricity
The systemic failure of Delta's power systems, coupled with the recent failures of some of its competitors' computer systems, raises the question of how preventable Monday's incident was. Most computer systems are protected from losing power by what is known as UPS. The apparatus provides emergency power to a system that loses power, as Delta's system did when the small fire caused an electrical system breakdown and the subsequent power outage.

Questions Abound as Delta Power Outage Should Have Been Preventable

The outage resulted in at least $54 million in lost revenue, according to figures that the company released on Wednesday. That figure could rise to as much as $82 million when all costs are tallied.
Hitting a power pole remains one of the most common reasons of accident power outages.

Traffic accident causes power outage at Peters Creek intersection

Winston-Salem Police Department said Sunday that a Kernersville man has been arrested and faces three charges related to a motor-vehicle accident that knocked out the power at an intersection off…
If you wish a little math, here is how WAPA explained a power outage in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: one unit failure initially caused eight feeders to fall off line, a portion of feeders were taken off line for approximately two hours, two other generating units were online, personnel brought a third unit online, but the island’s demand for power exceeded the 52-megawatt combined capacity of the three generating units which led to other feeders being taken off line. Read more.

WAPA Explains Sunday Power Outage In St. Thomas

Find Virgin Islands new, opinion, politics, lifestyle, business and more
No power - no flights.

Delta passengers stranded by power cut

Thousands of air passengers around the world have been left stranded after a power cut forced the US airline Delta to suspend flights. The incident caused delays across the US…
Power cut affected 1,000 homes in Shinfield, Three Mile Cross and Spencers Wood on Monday, but the cause is not reported.

Were you one of the 1,000 homes affected by a power cut?

The fault was reported at 12.08pm on Monday, August 8
"A fault on a piece of equipment" is so popular explanation for power cuts... Short, but massive power outage to 4,000 homes in Stratford-upon-Avon. The interruption lasted around two to three minutes while the automated equipment brought supplies back on.

Thousands of homes hit by short power cut - Stratford Herald

A SHORT power cut affected around 4,000 homes in Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday evening. Western Power Distribution confirmed that it lasted for around two to the three minutes at 5.30pm. A…
It's not the first time when power cuts in Newbury town centre.

Electricity restored after power cut in Newbury town centre - News - Newbury Weekly News

Some 30 properties on Bartholomew and Pound Streets affected
New power outages in Australia. Western Power said up to 5,000 homes were blacked out in Perth. The strongest wind gust of 118 kph was recorded at Cape Leeuwin.

Power cut, trees uprooted in Perth storm

Strong winds associated with a severe cold front over the southern half of WA uproots trees and brings down power lines.
A power outage in Farmington was triggered by an equipment malfunction. Crews were switching electrical loads between the Bluff View and Animas substations, which accidentally tripped a safety feature in the protective relay system.

Power outage cuts off electricity to Farmington

A power outage cut off electricity to south Farmington this morning leaving downtown businesses momentarily in the dark.