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Around 800 properties were left without electricity due to a power cut in Ringwood. The cause of the outage is unknown.

Hundreds of homes left without power

The power was restored this morning, said a spokesperson for SSE. They said engineers were re-routing power supplies to try and establish which cables were affected.
Malta were without electricity for several hours following a power cut caused by a cable that caught fire in a tunnel. including the Malta-Italy iInterconnector, had to be disconnected from the Maltese electricity network.

Watch: Electricity restored following widespread power cut in Malta

Almost all services were restored within half an hour but a second interruption in the same area was necessary as a precaution to allow the Enemalta engineers and technicians, fire fighters and other workers to safely enter the tunnel connecting the Malta-Italy interconnector to the national grid an...
Nearly 450 people living in Parkville have seen between seven to eight power outages this year, an uptick according to Kansas City Power and Light. Kansas City Power and Light says people living on the southeast side of Riss Lake have seen the most outages.

Parkville experiencing uptick in power outages

“One time I thought about just packing up my hair products, makeup, and just heading to the office to get ready for work because there was electricity there,” said Lilli Taylor.
384 power poles damaged due to Blue Cut fire. The blaze has charred 37,020 acres in San Bernardino County.

Blue Cut fire: Edison works to restore power to 312 customers

More than 300 Southern California Edison personnel are working to restore power and repair utility poles damaged by the Blue Cut fire. SCE officials
Hydro o u t a g e to portions of the North end of North Bay, Ontario, Canada because of a "large mature tree on the bulk supply lines on Cedar Heights" according to North Bay Hydro.

North end without power (UPDATED)

Residents in the North end of the city were without power for around two hours Sunday morning into mid afternoon.
For the past two months, about 1,500 Ann Arbor, Michigan residents have dealt with repeated power outages. They have tossed spoiled food, replaced damaged appliances and slept in their basements because of the heat. They've also had to deal with medical equipment not functioning properly. See what people feel and say about it..

Ann Arbor neighborhood deals with frequent power outages this summer

Meister lost her refrigerator during a brownout while it tried to run on partial power and burned out, but said she's been even more inconvenienced because she works from home. During outages, she said, she's had to reschedule meetings and work from coffee shops. It's resulted in lost productivity, ...
The Dallas police auto pound lost power Saturday due to a downed transformer and was unable to release vehicles to their drivers. VIDEO report.

Power Outage Closes Dallas Police Auto Pound

The Dallas police auto pound is unable to release vehicles due to a power outage.
A fire in a wheelie bin spread to an electricity sub-station causing a power cut which meant shops in a South Reading, UK retail park had to close for several hours. The fire had spread from the bin to an electricity sub-station. As a result, 13 units including B&Q, TK Maxx and KFC and the neighbouring Madejski stadium lost power.

Retail park fire which caused Mad Stad power cut started in a bin

It was initially thought the power cut would have an effect on the match at the Madejski as hundreds of fans were left outside as the electronically controlled ticket system went down.
Properties are without electricity across Barrow after a power cut. Electricity North West explains "What happens when I have a power cut?" - watch VIDEO.

LATEST: Power cut affecting parts of Barrow

PROPERTIES are without electricity across Barrow after a power cut.
About 5000 households across Auckland, New Zealand experienced power outages on Sunday night. The cause of the fault remains unknown.

Power restored in Auckland

Residents back on the grid after hours-long Vector outage affecting thousands.