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*100,000 without power!* Huge blackout affected Florida. The City Electric Utility experienced damage to more than 80 percent of its system, Tallahassee and Talquin. More than 107,000 homes and businesses experience power outage in Leon, Gadsden, and Wakulla counties due to Hurricane Hermine.

News | Tallahassee Democrat | Tallahassee.com

Talquin Electric Cooperative reports about 38,000 customers are without power in Gadsden (7,788), Leon (20,089), Liberty (451), Wakulla (9,585) counties in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.
Over 1,300 Emera Maine customers in Bradley and Milford woke up with no electricity after a tree limb fell on a power line. limb took out the lines when a tree fell, also damaging the utility pole.

Power Outage In Bradley and Milford

There’s no word on where the limb fell, but crews have been dispatched to correct the problem and replace the pole. Residents are reminded to never touch a downed power line. If you come across crews working during your morning commute, slow down and give them plenty of room as you pass by.
Power outages affecting small businesses. “It was really miserable [as] some people had to leave with their hair half done” one business owner said when Jamaica experienced massive blackout. “While I didn’t really lose any money, I lost about four hours of work as I was planning to work up until about 9:00 pm,” she added.

Small businesses suffer big losses from islandwide power cut - News

SOME small business operators across Jamaica are lamenting the time and income they lost on Saturday following an islandwide power outage said to be caused by a procedural error at the Jamaica Public…
See what 'angry' people say about continuous power outages in Greenville, Texas.

After week without power, Greenville residents 'angry'

Neighbors at the TXS United Housing Program complex, on I-30 East in Greenville, say the word “frustration” is not powerful enough to describe the magnitude of anger and inconvenience they've been…
Hundreds of properties in Llandudno have been hit by a huge power cut. Signs have been put in the windows of many of the affected stores stating they have been unable to remain open due to the power problems. The power cut has been caused by an underground cable fault.

Hundreds of Llandudno properties hit by huge power cut

The Great Orme Tramway is also thought to have been affected, with staff tweeting that it has closed for the day due to “technical issues”.
A lot of power cuts in different UK regions. Brief but huge power cut in Newcastle. Around 1,900 homes were were cut off after the power supply tripped. The last major power cut across the region was last Wednesday, August 25, when nearly 9,000 homes in Northumberland and another 1,500 properties north of Newcastle were affected. Then, at 9.30pm, Northern Powergrid announced that 8,970 premises across Otterburn, Hexham, Haltwhistle, Morpeth, Alnwick and Bamburgh were cut off.

Brief power cut affects 1,900 homes north of Newcastle

The power was only cut off for around five minutes but affected 1,900 homes across Newcastle - caused by a power trip Northern Powergrid say
Thousands of properties across Newport, UK and the surrounding areas were without power following a power cut. The areas affected include central and outer Newport; Carisbrooke; Brighstone; Chillerton and Rookley. The outage has been blamed on problems with overhead power cables which affected around 1,700 properties.

Large power cut hit Neport

At around 22:00 a total of 185 postcode areas ranging from PO30 1 to PO38 3 lost supply due to a currently unknown fault. At the same time households across the Island experienced a double dip in lights.
Fargo, ND experience regular power outages this year. A breaker at a substation opened and locked out. The cause of the power outage is unknown.

UPDATE: Power restored in West Fargo after thousands were without power

Cass County Electric says they have restored power to all homes in the Brooks Harbor area.
Hydro outage in the CityPlace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The power outage is affecting all residents of the nine buildings in the area. The cause of the outage is unknown.

Residents without power in CityPlace | Toronto Star

The power went out at around 11:15 a.m. on Sunday and is affecting all residents of the nine buildings, according to Toronto Hydro.
A main high powered pole broke and caught fire Saturday night leaving nearly 30,000 in Columbia, SC, USA without power. "This was a higher voltage line so a lot more customers were affected by that type of a power line" SCE&G explained.

Over 22,000 affected by major power outage, downed power line the cause

SCE&G says they are still working on repairs after a major power outage happened in parts of the Midlands Saturday night.