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A power cut has left around 200 homes without electricity across Plymouth.

Power cut in Plymouth leaves 200 homes without electricity

The city avoided the worst of today's thunderstorms which brought power down for hundreds in Cornwall. Downpours on the other side of the Tamar also caused flash flooding.
Levin, New Zealand, power pole fire causes blackout. A recording on power company Electra's helpline said power had been lost to Levin south after the power pole caught fire.

Levin power pole fire causes blackout

Fire communications shift manager Scott Osmond said the fire had brought down a power line, and the local power authority were on the scene dealing with the situation.
A transformer malfunction that caused the city of Henrietta, Texas to be without power for eight hours Tuesday night has been rectified, an Oncor spokesman said Wednesday morning. The outage forced the Clay County Sheriff's Office to transport its 25 prisoners to jails in Jack and Archer counties, Sheriff Kenny Lemons said.

Power restored to Henrietta

Gordon Drake, the area manager for the power distribution company, said an "equipment malfunction" occurred inside a power substation about 4 p.m. that cut off power to the entire city of Henrietta, including the police department, the fire department and the hospital.
Some 120,000 homes in western France were without electricity on Wednesday morning after violent storms swept through the region. Homes across the Pays de la Loire, Aude, and Dordogne were also hit. In the department of Gironde some 23,000 homes saw power cut by the storms, many of which were around the Bordeaux area.

'70,000 lightning strikes' cause power cuts in France

And the extreme weather is not over yet with seven departments still on orange alert – the second highest warning level, with more storms forecast.
Almost 70,000 homes in Burnley and Nelson suffered temporary power cuts because of the weather across the East Lancashire region. 35,000 properties in Burnley suffered power cuts lasting for just three minutes as the automatic systems soon restored power.

67,000 Burnley and Nelson homes suffer power cuts

Almost 70,000 homes in Burnley and Nelson suffered temporary power cuts last night after an evening of severely adverse weather conditions caused issues with the supply to homes across the East…
Power has been restored to more than 1230 Christchurch households and businesses after a suspected cable fault cut power for almost two hours in parts of the city, New Zealand.

Christchurch power restored

Power has been restored to more than 1000 Christchurch households and businesses.
They don't want to clean the river, because it will costs billions, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Power outages cause millions of litres of sewage to spew into waterways

The city could prevent untreated sewage from overflowing into the Red and Assiniboine rivers due to power outages – over six million litres did this summer alone – but any solution would cost in the…
Nuclear Power Plant Outages Spiked This Summer. They provide almost 20 percent of total U.S. electricity generation each year.

EIA: Nuclear Power Plant Outages Spiked This Summer - Morning Consult

Outages at nuclear power plants were 51 percent higher this summer than in summer 2015, with outages reaching their highest point in June, according to the EIA. The EIA said outages usually come from refueling and maintenance, power uprates and unplanned shutdowns.
Where is the UK and where is New Zealand... But UK power cut leaves NZ brokers unable to work.

UK power outage leaves NZ brokers unable to work

How does a power cut halfway round the world stop brokers in New Zealand from doing their job?
A mylar balloon caused power failure to thousands of Vallejo residents. From January to May, metallic balloons striking electric lines have caused nearly 180 power outages. This is a 14 percent increase over the totals from 2015.

Balloon knocks out power to thousands of Vallejo residents

A mylar balloon stuck in a powerline caused thousands of Vallejo residents to be without power Monday night.At approximately 8 p.m., PG&E employee Frank Griffith was called out to Shasta Street to…