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Since 2021 we offer new Plug-and-Go hassle-free iSocket with integrated connectivity - it works out of the box and can solve all the problems that we have been helping clients solve for the last 10+ years: remote power outage alarm monitoring, vaccine storages temperatures monitoring, remote reboot for equipment, break-in, flood, fire, gas leak and other notifications, and more. Just one new amazing iSocket! With new energy metering capabilities. You can order it from

We will stop sales and delivery of iSocket’s previous generation (GSM) to USA, Canada and Australia from Jan 1, 2016 because operators are planning to shut down their GSM network and have already begun the process. Rogers in Canada do NOT plan to do this yet, but there are other reasons for needing iSocket 3G for Canada too – see this blog [link removed, old article].

We will start shipping our new iSocket 3G from Feb 1, 2016 to USA and Canada. You have only two weeks to pre-order your iSocket 3G with a good discount. Order NOW!

We plan to start shipping to Australia from Feb 1 2016 too, or by latest March 2016. iSocket 3G for other countries will be available ex-Stock in March 2016 at the latest.

iSocket 3G will also be featured on CES 2016 in January 6-9 in Las Vegas on the Thread’s Group booth #70560. Read more about it here.

iSocket 3G features

iSocket 3G will support all the features that were available on iSocket EcoSwitch and iSocket PowerWatch, and will also support all the features related with temperature monitoring from iSocket EnvironmentPro, including temperature rise/fall alerts, remote thermostat and thermometer. iSocket 3G will NOT have inputs for wired sensors, will NOT have micro relays or a microphone. In future products we will support wireless sensors and slave sockets with new Thread technologies from the Thread Group, who recently declared us winners of their 2015 Innovation Enabler Program.

iSocket 3G will have advanced software, remote firmware upgrade support and API that enables third parties to write their own applications for smart phones and web-services. We will release our basic app for Android and iPhone too, but you can also manage the device simply using texting mode.

See the preliminary technical specification for iSocket 3G here. The User Manual will be published by the end of January.

Do you have our earlier iSocket GSM?

If you are the owner of iSocket’s previous generation in USA, Canada or Australia you qualify for a special personal discount for pre-ordering iSocket 3G in January 2016 during the pre-ordering campaign. Please contact us before Feb 1, 2016.

This discount is an exchange campaign that we decided to implement after talking to our customers. We found that most of our customers were concerned about returning the product, especially customers from Canada - where the GSM network will continue to operate - more than in USA or Australia. You will not need to return your previous product for exchange, but you will get a huge discount for iSocket 3G instead.


You will only be able to get a special discount (up to 50%) during the pre-ordering campaign, but not after that. We therefore recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

You may only receive one coupon for each old unit.

The actual discount will depend on which product you bought before and whether it was purchased during a discount campaign or not, but it will vary between 35% and 50%. You will need to provide the order number from our old webshop or the serial number (IMEI) of the product when contacting us.

This campaign applies to consumers only - not to dealers. If you purchased the product from a dealer, please contact them if they have their own exchange program. You may, however, also get a discount for pre-ordering iSocket 3G directly from us. Contact us to discuss.

Please note again – the offer is valid during January 2016 only.

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5.0 (based on 11 reviews)

iSocket for power outages monitoring in the United States and Canada

 This is a great product. It has saved us lots of headaches during natural disasters such as the most recent hurricanes in Louisiana. We have this in over four states and 30 offices that we support. The product works great and as advertised. We know when the power goes out, and therefore we can take remediating action much faster than waiting on the next time staff is in office. We look forward to engaging more of our management team in receiving these alerts and streamline communication about outages in our organization.

 This is a great product. It has saved us lots of headaches during natural disasters such as the most recent hurricanes in Louisiana. We have this in over four states and 30 offices that we support. The [...]

5.0 By from United States

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.