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Power cut to continue in New Zealand. Wintry weather damaged power poles. Road closed.

Power cut to continue for days

Around 400 properties remain without power across the Taupō Plains and in parts of Hawke's Bay, after wintry weather damaged power poles.
blackouts are common in Kenya, partly because of an aging energy network and insufficient generation capacity. Many businesses in Nairobi and other big towns operate back-up generators.

Kenya hit by electricity outage, Nairobi without power

Most of Kenya suffered a blackout on Saturday due to a fault on a major transmission line serving the capital Nairobi, electricity distributor Kenya Power said.
Power cuts in New Zealand because of snow. The worst weather is "yet to come" in the North Island as more snow, rain and freezing air bears down on the country.

Homes without power overnight

Some lines still down as Hawkes Bay blizzards continue, with flooding rain forecast for other parts of North Island.
"The whole street was out. I had to chuck out food from the fridge/freezer because the power was off for seven hours. They've got men filling up the hole out the back now but we still don't know what caused the power cut."

Mum's angry response following 7-hour long Bath power cut

A Bath mum has reacted angrily after she was forced to throw food out because of a seven-hour long power cut. Power was cut off to 122 homes in the Whiteway area of Bath because of a blown fuse...
An intersection in Lakewood was shut down Friday morning due to a fatal accident that damaged power poles and caused power outages in the area. The injured man was transported to a hospital where he died of his injuries shortly after. VIDEO report.

Power Outage, Intersection Shut Down After Man Fatally Jumps From Car

Lakewood police were advised late Thursday night of a man lying in a lane of traffic on Garrison Street near the intersection of 10th Avenue. Upon arriving, damage to property was observed, as well as to a power pole.
20,000 were without power in San Francisco yesterday. The cause of the power outage remains under investigation.

Widespread Power Outage Affects 20,000 In San Francisco

Crews restored electricity to roughly 20,000 PG&E customers who lost power Thursday evening in San Francisco's SoMa district.
Haryana tops the list followed by UP, Bihar and Assam, India that have the highest amount of power cuts. There is an interesting correlation between power theft and power cuts. The higher the percentage of energy stolen in a state, the more is the power cut in that region.

Why power stolen is power lost

Business Standard lists the top five states on three parameters — average power cut per month, power theft as a percentage of supply and pending consumer complaints. This reflects the situation on the ground.
Power outage in Roanoke was caused by a utility pole that caught on fire. The power was out for over 1,000 people.

Power outage affected customers in Roanoke

The outage affected areas near Jefferson and Elm streets.
They said that power outages across the Valley, Phoenix are over. Outages ranged between in numbers from Tuesday afternoon going into the evening hours. The highest at one time was around 5000.

Update: Phoenix power outage rates drop as problems are resolved

A look at current power outages around the Valley.
A £275,000 scheme has started in a bid to end the winter power cut nightmare for hundreds of villagers in the outlying areas of Midhurst. SEPD engineers are laying a two kilometre cable underground between Redford and Linch.

Major scheme to end power cuts in outlying areas of Midhurst

In the rare event of a power cut, engineers will be able to restore supplies more quickly by re-routing them onto the new cable. Last year’s tree-cutting programme has gone a long way to improving the reliability of supplies and this new cable will bring further improvements