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A high voltage fault affected Bolton. 1,600 building expierenced power cuts. This fault was due to damage to equipment.

Power cut hits more than 1,600 buildings

MORE than 1600 buildings in Bolton have been hit by a power cut this evening.
Storms caused power outages for many customers in the Scranton area in Lackawanna County. It also triggered flooding and several road detours.

Lackawanna County deals with power outages, flooding and road closures

LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) -- A strong storm system swept across our region, leaving many homes flooded, debris in roads and many roads closed. Eyewitness News reporter Haley Bianco searched out...
California state has warned that Southern California may see blackouts on as many as 14 days after a massive natural gas leak at a Sempra Energy complex limited supplies to electricity generators.

California Faces Power Shortages as Heat and Outages Cut Supply

California is facing electricity shortages as abnormally high temperatures and plant outages challenge a region already grappling with limited natural gas supplies and a drought. Power prices surged…
Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission is to use sensors to detect movement in poles supporting overhead power lines in order to avoid power outages in remote areas. The trial will cost £675,000 and take over two and a half years. It is being funded through the network innovation allowance.

SHET to cut power failures through pole monitoring

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHET) is to develop and trial remote asset inertial monitoring and alerting network (RAINMAN) technology on wooden poles to detect events which have caused poles to tilt, deform, twist, degrade or fail due to impact.

Refrigerators and freezers are two of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping food safe. We are instantly reminded of their importance when the power goes off, flooding occurs, or the unit fails, causing food to become unsafe and spoil. The odors that develop when food spoils can be difficult to remove. FSIS tips
Some won't be observers only and they went to protest against power cuts, Jamaica.

Maxfield Residents Protest Power Cuts | Nationwide 90FM - Jamaica

Residents of Maxfield Avenue in the Corporate Area took to the streets this afternoon and protested the lack of street lights in the community.
Lightning strikes knocked out power, set off car alarms and ignited one small fire in Sanger during a brief but energetic thunderstorm that also dumped 1.43 inches of rain in Denton.

Storm sparks power outages

The tree fell and hit a utility pole causing a power outage in the area and starting a small fire, Gonzalez said. No other damages were reported to emergency officials.
A 33-kilovolt line and 12 kilovolt came into contact and caused a substantial power outages from the Hill to San Jacinto. The caused is unknown, but possibilities could be wind or lines sagging from the heat.

Power Outage on Hill • Idyllwild Town Crier

The northern boundary was Esplanade Ave. Its southern boundary extended to Double View Drive in Idyllwild. The western boundary was Lyon Ave and power was lost as far east as Tahquitz View Drive in Idyllwild.
Power failure affected 1,600 in Hampden Newburgh area.

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Fire officials believe Manassas, Virginia residents blasting air conditioning all at once on Wednesday placed extreme pressure on the system and led to the blown transformer that caused power loss.

Transformer explosion causes hundreds of residents to lose power in Manassas

Between 200 to 300 homes are without power in Manassas due to a blown underground transformer.