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Another crash into a power pole causes power cut in Phoenix. VIDEO. 1,041 customers were without power Friday morning

SRP: Power outage in Phoenix

Salt River Project said 1,041 customers are without power after a car crashed into a power line near 75th Avenue and Indian School Road Friday morning.
A "fairly serious fault" at the substation caused power cut to 2,500 people in Williamsville and Amherst, N.Y.

Power outage in Amherst & Williamsville

A power outage in Williamsville and Central Amherst left approximately 2,500 customers in the dark on Friday night.
60% of downtown Seattle was in the dark on May 25 because of the massive power outage and officials are now ready to say the reason: "It is an operations mistake".

'Mistake' caused downtown Seattle's massive power outage

Seattle City Light has investigated the massive power outage that affected downtown Seattle on May 25 and are calling the outage a mistake stemming from human error.
Power loss to 16,000 in Sacramento, California. Again because of a vehicle crashed into a power pole!

Crash knocks out power to thousands near Sacramento Executive Airport

Thousand of people living near the Sacramento Executive Airport lost power Thursday afternoon after a vehicle crashed into a power pole.
A truck ran into a power pole, causing a massive power cut in Sun City, Arizona. No air conditioning in 105 degrees. VIDEO report.

Semi truck causes power outage in Sun City

Arizona Public Service has confirmed that 2,275 customers are without power due to downed power lines in Sun City.
The temperature in Lake Elsinore, California hits 100 degrees (38C) and that's not the best time for power outages. However officials estimate full service won't be restored until long after dark. Homes and businesses remains without electrical power.

LAKE ELSINORE: Lingering power outage affecting 939 homes, businesses

LAKE ELSINORE: Lingering power outage affecting 939 homes, businesses | power, lake, elsinore, businesses, homes, outage, city, hovered, service, area
Power cut in Salt Lake City caused by a pole fire. Nearly 5,2000 customers affected.

Outage leaves nearly 5,200 without power in Salt Lake City

A Thursday afternoon power outage initially left some 5,200 Salt Lake City customers without electricity, Rocky Mountain Power reported. The utility said the outage, related to a pole fire that interrupted...
Power outage in the cities of Indio and Coachella, California affected 5,347 customers.

UPDATE: Power restored after major outage in Indio and Coachella

Imperial Irrigation District says over 5,000 residents were without power
Customers are not happy when it comes to regular power outages in Australia.


“Approx 2000 residential and business customers are with out power in Kogarah Allawah Hurstville areas. Emergency crews investigating.”
Massive power failure in Belleville, Canada because of a "some sort of disruption in the privately-owned power line that feeds Canada Post facility, which caused a fault in the broader electricity grid".

UPDATE: Connection issue at Belleville Canada Post facility causes massive power outage - Quinte New

UPDATE: Power has been partially restored. About 50 people remain without power on the west end of Bell Blvd. Officials with Veridian Connections say the large power outage this morning originated near...