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Some people in Albuquerque are still without electricity after large power outage. Officials said the outage was caused by some power poles that were knocked down Friday night.

300 remain without power after large outage

Around 300 people remained without power Saturday after a power outage initially left 7,100 without electricity.
An underground power cable was damaged and caused power cut.

Short power outage in W. Philly from damaged underground cable

About 1,000 Peco Energy Company customers lost power in the West Philadelphia and Overbrook neighborhoods for about an hour Saturday after an underground Peco power cable was damaged, a spokesman for...
More than 7,000 affected by a power cut in Valencia County, USA. Video report.

Power outage reported in Valencia County

PNM has reported a power outage in Valencia County affecting more than 7,100 customers in Los Lunas and Los Chavez.
Instead of a fun, they've got a bit nervous - power cut on the Centennial Wheel.

Power Outage Strands Riders on New Ferris Wheel

The grand opening of the Centennial Wheel got off to a rocky start Friday night, when a power outage halted the running of the new Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.
A traffic jam due to power outage - downed power lines close the road. Canada.

Downed power lines snarled traffic on QEW between Dixie and Highway 427

Friday afternoon traffic came to a standstill on a stretch of the Queen Elizabeth Way between Dixie Road and Highway 427 due to some down power lines on the border of Etobicoke and Mississauga.
Power outage in Boise cut several power lights and affected about 2,000 people.

Power outage affecting Boise traffic

BOISE -- A power outage is affecting more that 2,000 customers and several traffic lights in Boise.
Do not use cheap fuel operated generators, especially in closed areas, during power outages.

Yemeni couple die on wedding night due to power outage

The power outage in Aden, in southern Yemen, led to the death of a Yemeni couple last night, mere hours after their wedding. The cause of their death was suffocation by the exhaust fumes from their di...
Updated: over 61,000 affected by the power outage in the Lower Houdson Valley area. State Sen. Terrence Murphy called on local power utilities to be more forthcoming with critical information.

Massive power outage in Putnam and Westchester

NYSEG crews worked overnight to bypass a damaged substation that left much of Putnam and Westchester without power Thursday.
A huge power outage to almost 50,000 people in several parts of New York due to a fire at a substation in Mahopac.

UPDATE: 49,000 in Putnam, Northern Westchester and Dutchess Without Power

Fire at a substation in Mahopac was the cause, according to news reports.
Power outage in Saskatoon, Canada.

Downtown power outage in Saskatoon affects lunch hour crowd

There is a power outage affecting several businesses in the downtown core in Saskatoon.