iSocket Sprouts Wings – Report From The IoT Connect Show In London

iSocket flies to help you with your Power Outages and other problems :)
Posted , by Denis Sokol
iSocket visited ExCel London

Last week we visited The IoT Connect Show, that was co-located with the  Wearables Technology Show в ExCel London. We came along to show our new iSocket 3G UK Smart Plug for monitoring power cuts and the new service for monitoring power outages at several locations.

CECO MODULE - The World's First Cellular with Thread Module, for IoT

We also announced and demonstrated the new IoT module which will use 3G and Thread technologies to connect things to the Internet. This new module is for DIY Internet of Things enthusiasts who want to create their own solutions.

We had two busy days and found a lot of interest among all groups of visitors. We talked to everyone…

To business customers...

Talk to business customers at the IoT Connect Show London


Talk to professor Brian Andrews from the University of Oxford

DIY electronics geeks...

Denis Sokol explains IoT CECO MODULE to DIY electronics geeks (photo credit Big Top PR)
Photo credit: Big Top PR


Media at the IoT Connect Show


We talk to everyone

and a lady who invited us to another show. :)

Talk to Alena :)

I was also a panelist on the “Security at the Heart of the Home” session where we discussed who should be responsible for security in the connected home, why it is important and how to ensure reliable security.

Denis Sokol - a panelist

I invited Francois Girodolle from Nest, who was also a panelist at the same session, to visit our stand, and showed him the new CECO MODULE and shared our common passion for the new Thread technology.

Denis Sokol of iSocket Systems with Francois Girodolle of Nest

iSocket has been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories – IoT Connect and Smart Home - and was declared runner-up in the Smart Home category.

iSocket a finalist in the IoT Connect and Smart Home categories

Since we are from Finland and love coffee... we used iSocket to turn on the coffeemaker remotely before our arrival at the house, so that hot coffee was ready when we arrived. It was very cold in London!

Start coffeemaker remotely with iSocket

We also used one of the prototypes of CECO MODULE to check the temperature in the house remotely.

We use CECO MODULE prototype to check temperature remotely

We are already “previous exhibitors”. Funny, We got this brochure on the first day of our very first attendance at the exhibition. Back to the future? :)

iSocket at the IoT Connect Show

And btw, we finally figured out how iSocket always manages to slip away from us – it has wings!

iSocket Sprouts Wings

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5.0 (based on 11 reviews)

iSocket for power outages monitoring in the United States and Canada

 This is a great product. It has saved us lots of headaches during natural disasters such as the most recent hurricanes in Louisiana. We have this in over four states and 30 offices that we support. The product works great and as advertised. We know when the power goes out, and therefore we can take remediating action much faster than waiting on the next time staff is in office. We look forward to engaging more of our management team in receiving these alerts and streamline communication about outages in our organization.

 This is a great product. It has saved us lots of headaches during natural disasters such as the most recent hurricanes in Louisiana. We have this in over four states and 30 offices that we support. The [...]

5.0 By from United States

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.